Long prior to Kody and Christine Brown revealed their split, they were on various pages about how to manage COVID policies, and it played out on the Nov. 28 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’

On today’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown when again discovered himself at a grinding halt when it pertained to how he and his household ought to manage the quarantine and social distancing guidelines in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The episode was shot throughout August of 2020, simply 5 months into the pandemic. At the time, all 4 of Kody’s other halves and their particular kids were quarantining independently, which left blended sensations within the group.

While Kody and Robyn Brown wished to continue the rigorous quarantine guidelines, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown wanted to be a bit more unwinded. Janelle’s kids were specifically determined that the whole household must be quarantining together, in the very same bubble, however Kody and Robyn did not concur. With Hunter Brown heading back to college on the program’s Nov. 28 episode, Kody arranged a socially-distanced conference with the whole household on their enormous Coyote Pass residential or commercial property.

kody christine brown
Kody and Christine Brown on ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC/ Courtesy: Everett Collection)

” Things in between Kody and I are a little stiff today, however it’s a household barbecue and we have not gotten together for so long,” Christine confessed. “So all of that is simply put away and we’re going to have a good time.” The primary concern in Kody and Christine’s relationship was that she wished to return to Utah, however he had 3 other better halves to think of, also, and they didn’t wish to get and move once again.

More stress increased in between the couple when Christine exposed that she was arranging a surgical treatment for the set’s child, Ysabel Brown, for her scoliosis, which the teen had actually been dealing with for many years. Kody wished to wait till the pandemic was over to have actually the surgical treatment done, however Christine understood her child was in discomfort and wished to get it made with. Since of COVID, Kody would not have the ability to go to the healthcare facility with Christine and Ysabel in the middle of the treatment. “Ysabel and Christine are going to be chosen a month, and they need to quarantine a week prior to and after,” Kody discussed. “So we’er discussing a 6 week procedure and it’s simply bad for me to be far from the other households for that quantity of time.”

kody brown wives
Kody Brown with his other halves. (TLC/ Courtesy: Everett Collection)

Meanwhile, Christine exposed that she was keeping numerous tricks from Kody. She authorized Ysabel’s choice to get a tattoo to cover up her scar after the surgical treatment. She confessed to not following the rigorous procedures that Kody set up for the household in the middle of COVID. “I’m going to be truthful with you– this is genuine sincerity here,” she stated in a confessional. “We’ve hung out at Janelle’s home a couple of times, my kids and I. Not socially distanced. I simply needed to select. It boiled down to picking in between Janelle and Kody and I selected Janelle often.”

It was more than another year after this episode was shot that Christine and Kody revealed their split at the start of November2021 Plainly, however, the writing had actually been on the wall for a long time.


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