Questionable pastor Greg Locke stated in an intense speech to congregants on Sunday that previous President Donald Trump did win the 2020 election as he had actually forecasted, however isn’t in the White Home due to the fact that it was taken from him.

In a video shared to Twitter, Locke, leader of the Worldwide Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, pressed back versus critics that have actually implicated him of being an incorrect prophet.

” I did anticipate and I did state that Donald Trump was going to win the presidency of the United States,” he informed the crowd. “I made the declaration that Donald Trump was going to win. 100%. I kept stating, ‘Yes he is going to stay in the White Home.’ Everyone stated, ‘Oh my goodness, he didn’t do it, he’s an incorrect prophet.'”

The pastor included: “Now, let me inform you something, if I anticipate that your group is going to win and you do, however the opposing coach get into your home in the middle of the night and takes your prize, that ain’t on me. That do not make me incorrect. That makes them phonies and scoundrels. Amen. That’s what it makes them.”

Conservative pastor Greg Locke firmly insists that he’s not an incorrect prophet for consistently ensuring that Trump would win the election since he firmly insists that Trump did win however had actually the election taken from him.

— Extreme Right Enjoy (@RightWingWatch) April 18, 2021

Locke is simply among numerous conservatives who have actually declined Biden’s election win after Trump consistently declared without proof that the 2020 election was taken from him.

After Trump’s election loss in November, Locke continued to firmly insist Trump would stay in power, as the then-president released lots of suits looking for to reverse the election leads to the staying weeks of his presidency. The Trump project’s claims mainly stopped working in court.

Ahead of Biden’s inauguration in January, Locke stated, “I’m informing you with all of my soul and all of my heart, I have actually not lost one minute of sleep over what’s going to take place on [January] sixth and what’s going to take place on the 20 th. I’m informing you, we have actually got this thing in the bag.”

Trump openly yielded and stated he would not serve another term for the very first time on January 7, a day after his advocates stormed the U.S. Capitol in an effort to reverse the election results. The violent riot left 5 individuals dead, consisting of one Capitol law enforcement officers.

” A brand-new administration will be inaugurated on January 20,” Trump stated a video. “My focus now relies on making sure a smooth, organized and smooth shift of power.”

Newsweek connected to Greg Locke through the International Vision Bible Church for more remark.

Pastor Greg Locke in Tennessee
Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church holds services in the church car park on March 29, 2020 in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.
Brett Carlsen/Getty Images


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