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  • 10 Tools for Finding and Deleting Duplicate Files on Windows
  • Add Tabs to File Explorer and Other Applications Ahead of Windows 10’s “Sets” Feature
  • Essential Apps You Should Install on a New PC Running Windows or macOS

Total Commander is a file supervisor replacement that provides numerous language assistance, search, file contrast, directory site synchronization, fast view panel with bitmap screen, ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling plus plugins, integrated FTP customer with FXP, HTTP proxy assistance, and more.

Key Features:

  • Two file windows side by side
  • Multiple language and Unicode assistance
  • Enhanced search function
  • Compare files (now with editor)/ integrate directory sites
  • Quick View panel with bitmap display screen
  • ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling plugins
  • Built-in FTP customer with FXP (server to server) and HTTP proxy assistance
  • Parallel port link, multi-rename tool
  • Tabbed user interface, routine expressions, history favorites buttons
  • Thumbnails view, custom-made columns, boosted search
  • Compare editor, cursor in lister, different trees, logging, improved overwrite dialog etc.
  • Unicode names nearly all over, long names (>259 characters), password supervisor for ftp and plugins, integrate empty dirs, 64 bit context menu, fast file filter (Ctrl S)
  • USB port connection by means of unique direct transfer cable television, partial branch view (Ctrl Shift B), and lots of enhancements to ftp, integrating and other functions And a lot more!

Total Commander Portable

Download the USB Installer tool. This little tool enables you to copy an existing setup of Total Commander consisting of all plugins and settings files to an USB stick. This works if you wish to take Total Commander with you to deal with numerous devices, e.g. for assistance work. It will instantly discover an existing PortableApps setup on the stick, and include Total Commander to it. The tool will NOT copy programs to the adhere to which you connect on the button bar.

What’s New:

Android Wi-Fi Transfer Plugin v3.5

This plugin enables to send out files from one Android gadget to another, in addition to any other system with a Web web browser! Utilizes the ZXing QR-Code library.


  • Support gain access to points (both production and linking to) likewise on Android 8 and more recent variations
  • choice to utilize set course/8888 with user name/password (DIGEST authentication)
  • assistance WiFi direct server on Android 10, needs LOCATION approval (just asked for when required)
  • maintain timestamp on upload (to internal memory on Android 9 and 10 just)
  • configurable port number
  • reveal notice throughout active connections to keep connection alive
  • web customer: permit to download zip with utf-8 names

Total Commander for Android 3.24

  • Fixed: Media gamer: stop playing when sleep timer goes out (not simply time out) to lower battery load
  • Fixed: Icons for internal associations would in some cases get inaccurate
  • Fixed: The pre-owned style (dark or light) wasn’t sent out to plugins if no customized language was set
  • Fixed: Send style (dark or light) to WiFi transfer plugin likewise when sending out (sharing) submits through copy button – Via WiFi
  • Fixed: Icons in leading toolbar were not refilled after simply altering in between old and brand-new icons

Changes in Total Commander 10.00

The upgrade to 10.00 includes lots of brand-new functions, see listed below. It likewise remedies lots of mistakes. Total list of modifications.

New functions in Total Commander 10.00:


  • Directories developed by MacOS on ExFAT flash drives are now displayed in TC. They were disappointed due to the fact that they had the inavlid quality 8: Volume label
  • Always reveal concealed directory site “AppData” in c: Users even with concealed files handicapped
  • Allow user to set up essential file immediately when double clicking it.
  • Add a “Zone Transfer” information stream when downloading files by means of confidential FTP (Ctrl F), or HTTP (Ctrl N) from outside the intranet, like web internet browsers
  • When unloading files internally or through plugins, copy “Zone Transfer” information stream from archive to unpacked files, similar to the Explorer
  • New zone transfer choice can be handicapped through WantZoneData=0
  • Always search for crucial file likewise in c: totalcmd, even if Total Commander is set up somewhere else

User user interface:

  • Allow to utilize “Windows Hello” on Windows 10 to firmly keep master password up until TC is closed. Usage finger print, face or pin to link once again
  • Use mouse wheel to scroll through directory site tabs (like in Firefox) when not utilizing multi-line tabs
  • Zoom thumbnails with Ctrl Mouse wheel in between 10%and 200%of the size set up in Configuration – Options – Thumbnails
  • Load thumbnails from EXIF information (sneak peek image) from JPG and different electronic camera RAW formats: Canon RAW 1-3, DNG, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sony
  • New choice “Return to locked tab root directory site on tab modification” in Configuration – Options – Folder tabs
  • Show “!” prefix when present dir varies from locked dir on tabs which are locked with directory site modifications enabled
  • New choice to just carry out command line when it is focused (Configuration – Options – Layout)
  • When closing TC while there are unpacked short-lived files, reveal the user the very first 3 file names and their origin
  • Drop file from outdoors (e.g. virtual folder in Explorer) to check out just directory site (e.g. c: windows): Better dialogs to enable overwrite and copy as admin
  • Automatically scale dialog boxes with the selected font style if the typeface requires more area than the default font style
  • Ctrl L on file now likewise reveals the Zone.Identifier stream information for that file
  • Save shown file types (e.g. *. txt) individually for each tab. Setup – Options – Folder Tabs – Save shown file types individually for each tab
  • Ctrl U and Ctrl Shift U now likewise switch the shown file types if DirTabFilters=1, due to the fact that they become part of the tab
  • Directory menu (Ctrl D): Option to conceal menu products which start with a user-defined character, by default an enigma ‘?’
  • View modes, Auto-run commands: Put ‘-‘ at the start of the command field to not perform commands on tab modification, just on directory site modification
  • For locked folder tabs with directory site modifications enabled, reveal both the present directory site and the locked directory site if they are various

Saving settings:

  • When user can not conserve settings (e.g. in Configuration menu or primary settings), deal to copy ini files to user profile
  • For plugins in compose secured directory sites, obstruct calls to CreateFileA/W and all INI functions, and reroute compose calls to %APPDATA% GHISLER redirect
  • Disable redirection of plugins: Add 8192 to RestrictInterface in wincmd.ini or computer registry
  • Specify various ini places for particular plugins: wincmd.ini [ReplaceIniLocation] (see assistance)


  • New DirectShow media gamer in Lister, changing the old one based upon Video for Windows (can still be selected through setup)
  • Support complete screen playback by means of double click or Alt Enter, leave the exact same method or with ESC
  • Change audio and subtitle streams through context menu
  • Configure chosen DirectShow filters through Lister setup (3rd Tab)
  • Show chapters as tickmarks listed below look for bar, dive there with Ctrl PageDown/Ctrl PageUp
  • Buttons to leap backward/forward by x seconds (default 10 s and 60 s, configurable through ideal click)
  • Preload DirectVobSub filter if the source filter has a pin “Subtitle”
  • Allow to utilize LAV filters and ffdshow filters without installing them, by putting them in subdir filter32 or filter64, respectively
  • Save last playback position of the last played tracks longer than 10 minutes
  • Keep sound pitch consistent when altering playback speed, utilizing customized DirectShow filter based upon open source SoundTouch.dll
  • New alternative “Additional multimedia file types” and “Additional Irfanview/Xnview file types”


  • Internal routine expression library upgraded to most current variation (much faster, more functions)
  • Warn user when he gets in a text in “Find text” which can not be transformed to ANSI and/or ASCII (if inspected)

Synchronize dirs:

  • Allow to utilize routine expressions and conserved searches, with choices where to use them, e.g. one side, both sides, and so on by means of button [1x]
  • New context menu products to reveal file context menu and file homes, and to modify left/right file
  • Show exclamation mark in button “Singles” or “Duplicates” if it isn’t down when opening the dialog

Compare by material:

  • Show additional listbox with the 2 lines from the existing cursor position for simpler character by character contrast
  • Show development dialog when pasting big text buffer takes more than 2 seconds, enables to terminate paste, however does not revert it
  • Focus the bottom 2 line compare list straight with Ctrl Tab
  • Bottom 2 line compare list can be scrolled with cursor left/right, page up/down, home/end, and the mouse wheel
  • Ctrl Mouse wheel now scrolls the 2 line panel at the bottom even when the mouse isn’t on it. Ctrl Alt Mouse Wheel still scrolls by page


  • Support for OpenSSL 1.1 and more recent. The primary dll needs to be called libssl- _ *. dll/ libssl- _ *- x64 dll (with _ the variation number, e.g. 1_1), the libcrypto *. dll needs to NOT be relabelled!

Verify checksums:

  • Support checksum developed from a stream, appearing as “ -” (checksum followed by 2 areas and a dash)
  • In checksum files produced by other programs, more OpenSSL format types are supported: SHA224, SHA384, SHA3-224, SHA3-256, SHA3-384, SHA3-512

Internal commands:

  • LOADLIST listfilename loads list of files/folders from text file.
  • cm_ZoomIn and cm_ZoomOut to zoom thumbnails (like Ctrl Mouse wheel)
  • cm_syncchangedir: Do not get in a directory site when it does not exist on the opposite. Just shut off cm_synchangedir when the user attempts once again
  • Support criteria 0 (or none)=toggle, 1=set, 2( or -1)=reset for the following internal commands: cm _ Comments, cm _ DirBranch, cm _ DirBranchSel, cm_ToggleAutoViewModeSwitch, cm_SyncChangeDir, cm_SwitchLongNames, cm_SwitchHidSys, cm_SwitchHid, cm_SwitchSys, cm_Switch83 Names, cm_FtpHiddenFiles, cm_SwitchDirSort, cm_SwitchOverlayIcons, cm_SwitchWatchDirs, cm_SwitchIgnoreList, cm_SwitchX64 Redirection, cm_Vis *
  • Command LOADSEARCH (e.g. on button): Put one equivalent indication=in front of name to begin browsing right away, 2==to begin and feed to listbox after search
  • Improved ZIPFROMLIST command: The file list name can now consist of Unicode characters, and the material can be ANSI, UTF-16(with byte order marker BOM) or UTF-8 (with or without BOM), and the archive name can now likewise be put in the specifications field.
  • New commands to compose file list with information and column headers to file/clipboard
  • Support specifications 0=toggle, 1=set, 2( or -1)=reset likewise for: cm_SrcQuickview, cm_LeftQuickview, cm_RightQuickview, cm_SrcQuickInternalOnly, cm_LeftQuickInternalOnly, cm_RightQuickInternalOnly, cm_SeparateQuickview, cm_SeparateQuickInternalOnly
  • New internal command OPENATTRIBUTES Change qualities: s (subfolders), a/- a r/- r h/- h s/- s dDate tTime L L2 Plugin_settings

Placeholders for commands in button bar/start menu:

  • All placeholders in button bar or begin menu like %N, %P now support substring fields in the type: ~ start, end, e.g. %N: ~ 2,5 (5 characters from the 2nd) or %N: ~ -8,5 (5 from the 8-last)
  • Placeholders %S, %R, %P%S and %T%R now support added text for each file. The specification should remain in double quotes, e.g. “%P%S.bak” would append.bak to each name
  • New placeholder %B for part of course (consisting of branch view courses): %B or


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