In Europe, 106 individuals have actually been apprehended for coming from a gang connected to the Italian mafia that apparently scammed individuals out of countless euros online, took part in drug trafficking, and washed cash.

The gang members were mainly Italian nationals and a bulk of the arrests occurred on the Spanish Canary Island of Tenerife, the European police Europol stated in a declaration on Monday.

The extremely arranged criminal network mostly targeted other Italians and consisted of computer system specialists, employers and organizers, and professionals in both cash laundering and cryptocurrencies.

” The suspects defrauded numerous victims through phishing attacks and other kinds of online scams such as SIM switching and service e-mail compromise prior to washing the cash through a broad network of cash mules and shell business,” according to Europol.

The gang members fooled victims into sending out large amounts of cash to Spanish checking account that were managed by the gang. That cash would then be washed through cryptocurrency purchases or utilized for other criminal activities consisting of prostitution, trafficking drugs and guns, stated authorities.

Italian police
Gang members connected to the Italian mafia were apprehended for cash laundering and scamming countless euros, Spanish and Italian cops stated Monday. Here, an Italian cops patrol in a police vehicle on April 12, 2021, in Florence, Italy.
Paolo Lo Debole/Getty Images

In order to get cash from companies and people, members of the gang typically utilized violence to daunt victims and effectively penetrated numerous banks and law office.

Spanish authorities stated on one celebration, gang members abducted a female at gunpoint and required her to take cash from an ATM and open 50 online checking account for the company. Later on, when she was jailed, the suspects threatened her to avoid her from affirming versus them.

” The severe violence of this group likewise manifested itself in other criminal actions,” the Policía Nacional stated in a declaration. “They batter, robbed, and obtained members of the company who differed their guidelines, in addition to other individuals or business in Tenerife.”

The examination into the scammers was performed by Spanish cops, Italian cops, Europol and Eurojust. Throughout the operation, officers robbed 16 homes, froze 118 savings account, and took 224 charge card and a cannabis plantation. Twenty of those detained were sent out to prison pending a judicial examination, consisting of 18 in Spain and 2 in Italy, Reuters reported.

In the in 2015 alone, the gang is thought to have actually made EUR10 million, or $117 million USD, in earnings.

The examination into the gang started last summer season when Spanish authorities started checking out a group of individuals on Tenerife who were connected to various Italian mafia clans, according to Spanish authorities.

“[Their] objective was to wash the cash acquired through several computer system criminal offenses dedicated in Spain, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, and the UK,” Policía Nacional stated in a declaration.


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