5 Frightening Movies to View This Halloween on Peacock

Being normal is significantly overrated.

Then once again, for Halloweentown star Phillip Van Dyke, who played the goblin Luke in the very first two films, regular is precisely what he desired to be.

” In my early twenties, we didn’t have social media like we do today,” the 36- year-old described. “So I do not know if I even realized the level– the following– that these films had.”

Now, thanks to social networks, kids who matured watching Disney Channel Original Movies on Friday nights can connect with the stars they saw as kids. And praise the Cromwell magic for that, due to the fact that where would we lack Marnie … er, Kimberly J. Brown‘s Halloweentown TikToks?

Van Dyke said that despite his last Halloweentown look having been almost 20 years ago, fans still come near him– particularly around Halloween– and share memories they have of seeing him on-screen when they were young.

” When you understand that [the films] had such an effect on people and that they’re still fans and they’re still viewing these films each and every single year, it is quite extraordinary,” he shared. “It’s something that I try not to take for granted … which’s what ultimately brought me back out to do something like the Spirit of Halloweentown event.”


Another thing fans will not quickly forget? Debbie Reynolds, who played Aggie Cromwell in the movies.

” Working with her was great,” Van Dyke stated of the starlet, who died in2016 “I’ve happened able to look back on that and appreciate that it was something pretty special to be able to do 2 movies with her– to be together with her and see her in action doing among the things she did finest … that is not something a lot of people can experience.”

We think of that Reynolds had the very same existence as somebody like Oprah Winfrey would have today, a comparison he vehemently agrees with.

In between social media, all the excitement around Halloweentown, and the Spirit of Halloweentown celebration, it’s not hard for the cast to stay in touch.

Sure, it’s been 20 years because his biggest on-screen projects, however Phillip Van Dyke has left rather the legacy for himself.

Halloweentown, Gilmore Girls, and Hey, Arnold … for each of those it’s been 20 years or more, and individuals seem to accept them and enjoy them and actually follow them to this day,” Van Dyke said.

Phillip Van Dyke

So, how about that Halloweentown reboot?

” You know what, I think I might be talked into it,” he stated.

Halloweentown‘s fans have hung around for this long– there’s no time like the present to include another generation?

Well, we need something to offset the travesty that was the 4th installation of the Halloweentown films, Go Back To Halloweentown Your relocation, Disney.

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