In a new podcast interview, Caitlyn Jenner explained why she has a better relationship with her child, Kylie Jenner, than she finishes with Kendall Jenner.

Parents are never expected to pick favorites, however Caitlyn Jenner is admittedly closer to among her youngest daughters than the other. In recent years, Caitlyn has established an unique relationship with her youngest child, Kylie Jenner, and she opened about their bond on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast. Caitlyn identified the factor why she thinks she’s closer to Kylie than she is to Kendall Jenner

” Kendall and I have a lot in common,” Caitlyn admitted. “She’s extremely athletic. We type of both had the exact same mindset towards life and get along extremely well. But Kendall’s off doing her own thing. Kylie … you understand … I had dinner last night at Kylie’s home. When every two weeks I go over there and she always has the best meals prepared. [It’s just] Sophia [Hutchins], Kylie and myself. Simply the 3 of us, nobody around. So from that perspective, we’re a lot closer.”

caitlyn jenner kylie jenner
Caitlyn Jenner out and about with Kylie Jenner. (

Caitlyn discussed that Kylie is “more of an open book” than Kendall, who she finds “a little more secretive” and “more difficult to determine.” The 71- year-old also had remarkable things to say about her ex, and the women’ mommy, Kris Jenner. “I constantly liked strong women and she was extremely strong,” Caitlyn gushed. “I have actually constantly put ladies up on a pedestal and I like strong, independent women.”

kendall caitlyn jenner
Kendall and Caitlyn Jenner present for pictures on the Vanity Fair Oscar Celebration red carpet. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

It’s no secret that Caitlyn’s has had her ups and downs with Kris and other members of the Kardashian family because she transitioned in2015 This led to a bit of a falling out between Caitlyn and the Kardashian household, however she has considering that reconnected with her stepchildren.

In reality, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian were all in participation at Caitlyn’s birthday dinner in Nov. 2020, along with Kendall and Kylie. The women all reunited for a household dinner, and positioned for a photo together at the table. Family over everything, right!?


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