Candace Cameron Bure Tells Why People Love Christmas Films

Not all heroes wear capes. However we do use Hallmark-branded slankets.

It’s simple days before Christmas and we’ve officially viewed 78 hours of new Trademark Channel Christmas films. Let us repeat that: 78 hours. (So next time Aunt Nancy asks what we’re dealing with and exactly what it is we “do” for a living, we’ll be proud to reveal her this.)

Countdown to Christmas, the network’s longrunning programming event, kicked off on Oct. 24, with four new motion pictures airing every weekend. In Between Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 2020’s slate had 39 motion pictures.

And Candace Cameron Bure‘s annual showing on the Sunday after Thanksgiving weekend has always marked the peak of C-to-C (How we describe Countdown to Christmas in our house, clearly), bringing to a close a week of brand-new films. We truly had no space for stuffing and mashed potatoes ’cause we were packed from Hallmark.

Unfortunately, all advantages should concern an end and the last 2 motion pictures of the 2020 season aired. And, we do not understand, perhaps it was the feeling of all of it ending, however it may have just been the very best night of programs in between the two networks. So did Cross Country Christmas or Job Christmas Desire manage to manage a Christmas miracle and take the leading area on our ranking?

As we kept in mind when the line-up was revealed, Trademark’s slate was more diverse and inclusive than ever and we absolutely saw subtle shifts in the movies. That welcome (and belated) change doesn’t suggest every flick was worthy of canceling recordings of some of our beloved Bravo reveals to make space for more than 3 lots (!) of these candy cane-filled and cheerily tacky motion pictures.

Trademark Channel

Without further ado, here’s our ranking and let us preface this by stating we understand for long time Trademark fans this isn’t individual and it’s not business. No, it’s individual service Please know this comes from a place of love and a heart of snark.

Trademark Channel

WORST: The Christmas Ring(Trademark Movies & Mysteries)

OK, we are simply going to pull the band-aid off fast here: This truly was not good. Like, at all. Its 2 most significant offenses? It was illogical (saying something for a Countdown to Christmas offering) and it was tiring. And, worst of all, it never ever paid off among the most significant stories with the lead not locating her mommy’s lost wedding event ring after searching for it the ENTIRE motion picture. Like that piece of precious jewelry, we ‘d unfortunately like The Christmas Ring to be no place to be found when it comes time to schedule repeat airings.

Trademark Channel

A Godwink Christmas: Second Possibility, First Love(HMM)

It might be time to retire the Godwink franchise ’cause it’s a no for us on this snoozy one. Note to writers: Your lead can not contemplate (multiple times, mind you) what would’ve happened if had actually had actually made a different choice in life IF HE HAS CHILDREN. At least Brooke D’Orsay and Sam Page looked, like, extremely quite together?

Trademark Channel

Christmas With the Darlings

Sorry, however we can’t get over the reality that the household’s surname in the movie is Darlington however they simply decided to make it Darlings in the title. We observe these things! Anyway, our time with the fam was more meh than darling, if we’re being sincere.

Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Farah Nosh

A Glenbrooke Christmas(HMM)

Reason us, but Autumn Reeser, the artist formerly referred to as Taylor Townsend on The O.C., is worthy of much better! Like, it was great? The big barrier for the couple being that he does not like rich individuals felt forced and weaker than our willpower when we see a table complete of peppermint-flavored deals with.

Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Allister Foster

Christmas She Composed

Listen, we loved seeing two of Hallmark’s leading skills– Danica McKellar and Dylan Neal– team up. However, um, perhaps just not in this film? The stars felt miscast in the story of a fired writer being charmed to return by the employer who let her go. One of the uncommon Trademark films where we really rooted for the cause choose the other person!

Trademark Channel

Chateau Christmas

We understand we saw this film and distinctly keep in mind liking the leads– Merritt Patterson and Luke MacFarlane— and yet we can not tell you for one million sweet canes what it had to do with. And we love sweet canes!

Trademark Channel

Time For United States to Come House For Christmas(HMM)

We liked the concept– 5 complete strangers are united at an inn by a mystery host– however we did not like the execution. Definitely the lower of the 2 Lacey Chabert getaways this season. Apologies to her father, the developer of Toaster Strudel.

Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

A Christmas Carousel

Why this was not entitled The Prince and the Painter is beyond us, especially when you think about another motion picture had a time-traveling carousel. Now that the unnecessary rant runs out the way, we’ll just state out of Hallmark’s many movies about a royal just wishing to discover love by themselves terms and winding up with a commoner, this one definitely does not make it to the top of the list– not even for this year. Sorry Neal Bledsoe, however we are helpless when it comes to Aaron Tveit as a singing prince. It’s not you, it’s us.

And listen, we know most people come to these motion pictures for the love, however we certainly would’ve liked to see more time provided to the relationship between Lila ( Rachel Boston) and her dad.

Trademark Channel

Jingle Bell Bride-to-be

It’s never simple going initially and JBB(cool if we call you that?), while captivating, was a victim of an early launching. Like a snowflake during a light flurry, the memory of it melted from our minds before it had the time to stick.

Trademark Channel

Meet Me at Christmas(HMM)

Exists anything more irritating than a character trying to discuss a previous occurrence for a whole film, only for another character to not want to hear it? Yeah, that takes place up until like, the last five minutes of this one, producing a rather aggravating viewing experience. Spoiler alert: Mark Deklin simply wished to inform you he stood you up because HE AND HIS LITTLE BRO WERE LITERALLY HIT BY A VEHICLE, CATHERINE BELL Bonus offer points, however, for staging among the most lovely outdoor winter season wedding events we’ve ever seen. We wish to go to there.

Hallmark Channel

Christmas Tree Lane(HMM)

Not even the power of Andrew Walker, among our favorite leading males, and the musical talents of Alicia Witt could save this one from being tossed in a pile of many below average motion pictures that have actually come before it. Still, we’re unsure we’ll ever get over Walker’s character realizing he’s technically the bad person set to destroy Christmas Tree Lane MIDWAY through!

Trademark Channel

Never Ever Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweatshirt

Despite having two of our preferred leads– the always-quirky-yet-inviting Ashley Williams and the underrated Niall Matter— this one never measured up to its full capacity. And by that we obviously suggest that renowned title.

Trademark Channel

The Christmas Medical Professional(HMM)

One scene in this film totally waits: Taking a trip doctor ( Holly Robinson-Peete) finding out the man who brought her into a captivating town is the daddy of a soldier she treated and lost while working as a military physician. Reader, we wept. Oh, and Luke Holmes as the leading male … please Hallmark Channel, may we have some more?

Crown Media United States LLC/ Hugh Tull

A Little Christmas Beauty(HMM)

Brendan Cent and Ashley Greene‘s early courtship in this one felt so contemporary we nearly felt like we might’ve been enjoying a Netflix rom-com. Like, he asks her out one minute after bumping into her on the street. Strong! Still, the secret of the lost beauty bracelet wasn’t enough to drive the whole film, regrettably, and the most intriguing character was the random female who pretended to be the owner due to the fact that she knew it deserved a lot of cash. Like, what is her backstory?!

Trademark Channel

If I Just Had Christmas

In her most recent Christmas films, the queen of the C-to-C shows Candace Cameron Bure has gotten more ambitious and pushed the boundaries of Hallmark. This one, a contemporary tribute to The Wizard of Oz, was her biggest swing. Props for that, however sadly, it doesn’t absolutely work and we wish they would’ve actually gone more excessive with the referrals and storyline. Instead, there was a standard plot with simply a few, at best, vague and, at worst, forced nods to the classic film. Still, there’s no lead like CCB.

Hallmark Channel

A Nashville Christmas Carol

Can we simply say how ill we are of the “single hardworking female needs to learn there are more important things in life than work” trope? We feel assaulted! Anyhow, this country music spin on A Christmas Carol is as charming as it can be. (However, like, no Christmas Future ?! Damn those time restrictions!) Strong entertainers Wes Brown and Jessy Schram do their things, but IRL nation stars Wynonna Judd, Sara Evans, RaeLynn and Kix Brooks steal the program purely by feeling sort of out of location. Oh, and network essential Kimberly Williams-Paisley made a choice when it came to her take on the Spirit of Christmas Present.

Hallmark Channel

The Angel Tree(HMM)

The facility had us intrigued: Reporter go back to the town she grew up in identified to unmask the identity of a mystical wish-granter after the desire she put on the titular tree went unsatisfied. And the leading girl had us delighted. We love a Jill Wagner movie in this house. So it is with much (OKAY, just a little) sadness that we reveal our overall meh-ness when it concerned The Angel Tree

Hallmark Channel

Christmas in Vienna

Sarah Drew is so captivating” was a sentence we said aloud to absolutely no one no less than 6 times while watching the Grey’s Anatomy alum play a violinist who in some way never ever practices throughout her trip to Vienna in spite of heading there to carry out one of the most essential pieces of her life. Who cares when there are endless desserts to be taken in and a romance with a widowed diplomat ( Brennan Elliot doing his Brennan Elliot thing) to be sparked?

Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Astorga

Christmas Comes Twice

The only thing we enjoy more than a wonderful carousel giving someone a second possibility at love is a Mowry sister starring in a Trademark rom-com. Tamera Mowry-Housley is captivating as an astrophysicist (a rarity in the celebration coordinator and teacher-filled Trademark universe) transferred five years into the past, hoping to make a difference in her life. Naturally, that consists of a romance with a childhood rival ( Michael Xavier, how you doin’?!).

Hallmark Channel

The Christmas Waltz

The chemistry between network beloved Lacey Chabert and the charismatic Will Kemp(costars in Love, Romance & Chocolate) as a sad woman and her dance trainer totally discusses why celebs fall for their partners on DWTS.

Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Daniel Haber

Swept Up By Christmas(HMM)

Is Lindy Cubicle the most sincere female lead on the Trademark roster?

Trademark Channel

A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado

Did you hear a cumulative gasp ring out across the country at around 8: 57 p.m. ET on Nov. 24?

Aside from that PG-13 minute, this one was pretty much what you ‘d anticipate: Erin ( Rochelle Aytes) is trying to get single adoptive dad/firefighter Kevin ( Mark Taylor) to provide her his spruce tree. Unfortunately, not a euphuism.

Trademark Channel

A Classic Christmas

This is straight-up a Kate & Leopold rip-off. Thankfully, we are subtle stans for that Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman joint, so we didn’t mind! Sadly, we do want they would’ve milked the entire hot-old-timey-dude-can’ t-deal-with-modern-times bit more.

Hallmark Channel

Heart of the Holidays

So nobody told Vanessa Lengies she wasn’t acting in a Netflix Christmas rom-com and it shows. It’s likewise a good thing. (And it likewise makes good sense when you discover it’s the only film Hallmark obtained for their programming slate that wasn’t their own.) The Glee star is tough and fun in a function as old as time: Diligent lady go back to her town from the big city and reconnects with the ex-boyfriend she left. Perhaps Hallmark’s a lot of millennial-feeling film and it’s noticeable however not in a way that is distracting. Attempt we state this, mainly since of Lengies, was the most enjoyable surprise of the season so far?

Trademark Channel

The Christmas Home

First: It has to do with damn time a Trademark film included an LGBTQ lead couple. 2nd: No, that’s it. It was about damn time.
This movie– really motivated by star Robert Buckley‘s real-life festive house growing up, genuine!– handled a lot, not simply the expectations of including the network’s first gay romance. There were virtually six leads (with Buckley and Mean Lady‘s Jonathan Bennett actually shining as siblings), three major stories and one underserved adoption storyline. Amusing and, at times, meta, The Christmas Home was a little messy however in a way that worked. Still, Bennett’s character’s marriage felt on the periphery of the action and a little token when their desire to start a household was more than A-plot worthwhile.

Hallmark Channel

Christmas By Starlight

Paul Campbell is a curious Hallmark leading guy. Why? Since he shows an awareness that he is in a Trademark film. And that works totally in his favor in Christmas By Starlight, which he wrote with co-star Kimberely Sustad Filled with more with more wit than probably half of the remainder of the slate integrated, the duo pressed the product as far as the network would allow. Really, at the end of it all, it was a quite ordinary story with simply a couple of additional winks ands quips.

Props, however, for fully winking at Sustad’s similarity to Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy by naming her character Annie. We enjoy that journey for her.

Hallmark Channel

Cranberry Christmas(HMM)

Nikki DeLoach could literally overturn our Christmas Tree and we ‘d apologize to her, that’s just how much we love her. And man, does she bring it in Cranberry Christmas as a hopeful Joanna Gaines– like way of life personality torn in between advancing her career and nurturing her having a hard time marital relationship. Yes, Hallmark in fact featured a couple on the verge of separation, which is so rare it ‘d be like Snooki popping up in a Martin Scorsese film. Unfortunately, we were hoping they would’ve explored that dynamic much more. Baby steps!

Hallmark Channel

One Royal Holiday

Listen, make Aaron Tveit a prince who sings and we are going to like your movie. This is a scientific fact. One Royal Vacation enlisted Tveit and fellow Broadway stars Laura Osnes and Victoria Clark to win us over and provide us a much-needed dosage of the Great White Method after its shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Kailey Schwerman

Cross Nation Christmas

Possibly it’s the fact that this aired on the last day of 2020’s C-to-C and we’re, at this point, delirious, however this might just be the most hijinksy movie in Hallmark history. It’s not a bad thing and Rachael Leigh Cook(constantly captivating!) and Greyson Holt bring a small talk reminiscent of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal to their misadventures.

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