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This story includes major spoilers for The Umbrella Academy season two.

Who knew life could get so much better after death?

That’s held true for Justin H. Min, star of The Umbrella Academy He plays Ben Hargreeves, the brother who was dead when the series started, was reanimated as a ghost by the end of season one, and was fully alive once again by the end of season 2.

Minutes’s function in season one was minimal, and in season two, he mostly only got to communicate with Robert Sheehan, whose character Klaus can communicate with the dead. Then, the Hargreeves siblings screwed things up so much throughout their unexpected journey to the 1960 s that their embraced dad decided not to adopt them after all. When they went back to what they believed was their home in 2019, the Umbrella Academy had ended up being the Sparrow Academy, with a living, breathing Ben as its leader.

As Min discusses to E! News, he thought his character was done, right up till creator Steve Blackman sent along the last couple of pages of the finale at the last minute.

” I really had no idea that was going to happen,” he states. “They kept everyone in the dark with the last scene of our season, until the very end. We had really gotten a rough draft of episode 10 however that last scene had been left out. What’s insane is that when I shot that scene with Vanya [Ellen Page] in episode 9, I really thought that was going to be the end of Ben and the end of this character.”

Minutes treated that as if it were his goodbye scene.

” So it was actually emotional that day not just because Ben was biding farewell to Vanya and to his household but Justin Minutes as the star, I felt like I was saying goodbye to the show and to the experience,” he states. “And then a couple weeks after we shot that scene, I was legally starting to load my things, prepare yourself to leave Toronto, I get this supersecret e-mail from Steve Blackman, our showrunner, who simply sent the last three pages of the script just to the cast members, simply to the seven family members. Naturally I opened it and I read it, I was sort of just shrieking and crying in the middle of my Toronto house alone.”

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Minutes went on to open about not only Ben’s new look, but his expanding role. Have a look at the rest of our interview with him listed below!

E! News: You have a much bigger part in season 2 which cliffhanger seems like it’s going to be huge for you. What does it suggest to you that your role just gets bigger and bigger, specifically because Asian American representation in media is so important?

Last season, I was a repeating character and that indicates that I’m not contracted to come back to the show if the show continues on for a 2nd season. Even at the end of season one, I wasn’t sure whether or not I would be asked to come back for season two.

It was overwhelming to like wake up everyday 2 to three weeks after the show came out, to see my social media numbers rising significantly by the thousands daily for this character who had such couple of lines in that very first season.

My showrunner called me like a few weeks after season one debuted and we had a remarkable conversation about how he was so thrilled that the fans were so ecstatic for the character, and he was excited to compose for the character more in season 2, and that ideally I would be able to come back.


JM: Yeah what you see onscreen is in fact very comparable to our interactions in genuine life.



JM: Well to start with, it was really hot. Last season, we shot in the dead of winter season so it was fine because I was in fact one of the warmest cast members however then naturally, for season two, we’re shooting in the dead of summer so I was sweating pails with the black on black on black on black clothing. However really they were good enough this year to cut off the sleeves of the sweatshirt so clearly you can’t see it because it’s underneath the leather jacket however at least I didn’t have double sleeves. I just had the hoodie and the leather jacket on top but still– actually hot, really hot. However there’s a little bit of safety and comfort in that as well. I got to set, the first day of shooting season two, and the minute I put on the boots, the minute I place on the leather coat– it’s sort of like riding a bike, you feel the character again, you feel precisely where you should be.

In terms of the insane change in the last scene of this season, we had actually gone through a few iterations of that uniform.


JM: I think what I can truly inform you is that he is going to be entirely different from the Ben that we understand, the ghost Ben that we understand, which is why there was a lot attention put into how he would look.

Not a lot of individuals understand this, but I’m actually using a bit of padding underneath to sort of bulk up my shoulders.


JM: Definitely. I truthfully think most stars’ dreams are to play bad guys. They’re constantly the most fun. You get to use like the darker, wilder, edgier sides of yourself that you don’t get to necessarily do on a day to day basis. I would like that opportunity and if that occurs, that would be fantastic.


E!: How do you think fans would respond to Ben as a possible villain?

JM: It’s going to be jarring.


JM: Yes.


JM: I would state one of the most moving things about being a part of this program and about this character is that I had the opportunity to go to a number of Comic-Cons since of this program.

It likewise reminds me that I do have a huge duty to do what I can to kind of continue to push the needle forward for our neighborhood and to continue to put out the best work that I can in whatever I do.



JM: I understand that belief because I likewise grew up not seeing ourselves frequently.


JM: Two things come to mind.


JM: All I can state to the fans is thank you.



JM: I’m hanging up the hoodie for the Halloween costume. I was too baffled because individuals would come near me and resemble, “Oh my god, I’m dressed like you,” and I resemble, “You’re just using a black hoodie.” I’m delighted for individuals to need to make a little more effort to dress as Ben come this Halloween.

For more from Minutes and a few of his costars, struck play on the video at the top of the post!

The Umbrella Academy season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

This interview has actually been edited and condensed for clearness.


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