Noor bin Laden, a niece of terrorist Osama bin Laden and devoted fan of President Donald Trump, has published to Telegram a claim that the president is “daring” his fans to “complete the coup.”

Bin Laden became a well-known figure in conservative social networks circles throughout the 2020 presidential election cycle, garnering prestige due to the mix of her surname and her devoted assistance for Trump’s nationalist agenda. She is the daughter of Osama’s half brother, Yeslam bin Ladin.

” Checkmate. Trump is bold them to enter the fence to end up the coup,” checked out the Telegram post shared by bin Laden, according to ParlerTakes. “They need to all understand there is an opportunity that if they enter evictions and go inside the fence they never ever come out.”

” Even much better is they literally made a jail complex out of Capitol Hill in front of everyone’s eyes and the left and MSM cheered them on!” the post continued. “Is this why [President-elect Joe] Biden pressed his wedding rehearsal? Are they discussing whether Trump is bluffing?”

” They have to choose– go inside the fence line and danger never ever coming out or concede and try to negotiate. You desire the Presidency … COME AND GET IT.”

Noor Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden's niece
Osama Bin Laden’s niece, Noor Bin Laden (r.), informed her followers on Telegram that President Donald Trump has actually dared his supporters to “complete the coup.”
Dave Benett/Getty

Bin Laden, who is Swiss, and her household have no ties to their departed notorious uncle, who was eliminated in Pakistan in 2011 by American forces. She just recently informed The New York City Times that she’s “an American at heart,” and thinks about the U.S. her “second house.” She has actually likewise called her surname “antithetical to the values I hold.”

The 33- year-old has stayed a strong and vocal supporter of Trump after his election loss to Biden and the January 6 Capitol riot brought on by his followers.

Previously today, bin Laden urged her Telegram fans to prevent further pro-Trump violence in Washington D.C., and prepare for a period of discontent that could last years. The initial post appears to have actually been shared by reactionary activist Vincent James.

” Do not go to any upcoming arranged demonstrations in DC,” the post read. “We’re hearing there are possible demonstrations set up for the 17 th and the 20 th. Do not go. Around 15,000 National Guard are being released to protect the Inauguration on January 20 th, and 10,000 will arrive by Saturday.”

” Lay Low-Stock up on food, water, energy, survival gear, self defense, etc,” the post continued. “Get together with family, next-door neighbors, pals … Purchase land if you can … Construct neighborhood and contacts.”

” The next couple of years are going to be a wild ride,” the post cautioned. “It will become worse prior to it gets better, but it will improve. The American spirit can never be overcome, and always comes back with a revenge under risk of injustice.”

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