TikTok Megastar Tinx Apologizes for Past Offensive Tweets

This likelihood stumble on between a TikToker and an Uber driver became as soon as meant to be.

Closing month, influencer Becca Moore became as soon as robbed of her phone and credit score cards whereas attending Coachella, she told followers in a video closing month. She acknowledged that when she went into her Uber, she didn’t inquire her driver, Raul Torres, to be her hero. After discovering out more about his family’s struggles, along side a father and daughter with cancer, Becca realized she wished to utilize her platform to back him take care of he helped her.

She started a GoFundMe, atmosphere the purpose at $1,000. Interior an hour, the purpose became as soon as met, so she continued to amplify the purpose. Now, she has raised better than $230,000 for the Torres family. 

And it began with a TikTok posted on April 29 that shared her memoir and called for donations.

“So I got robbed at Coachella and my Uber driver saved me,” she acknowledged in the video with virtually 6 million views. “After I got in his automobile, I pretended all the pieces became as soon as radiant nonetheless he insisted on staying with me on memoir of he had an intuition that I needed back.”

Becca, who has better than 875,000 followers on TikTok, became as soon as at a non-public event at the Coachella festival stuffed with many different influencers. She told ABC7 that anyone went thru her gain at the event and as she became as soon as about to head away, she noticed issues devour been lacking.

“I went to review my phone and I didn’t devour it,” Becca told the outlet, “and what else I do no longer need? My automobile keys or my credit score cards—so I am stranded.”


She defined in her TikTok that all she wanted to pause became as soon as gain a brand unusual phone and make contact with it a day. Nonetheless Raul took it a step extra. He helped her with submitting a police fable, grabbed Starbucks to accumulated her nerves, assisted and in getting her a condo automobile and even manually tracked down her phone when the police weren’t priceless. 

“What might perchance well moreover’ve grew to change into into an emergency anxiety felt take care of a enjoyable day with a brand unusual pal on memoir of of Raul,” Becca wrote in the GoFundMe. “He picked me up at 10 AM and stayed with me until I had all the pieces I needed to gain house at 6 PM, which can maybe well moreover silent devour been his entire day of work.”

Raul told KESQ that he didn’t devour twice about serving to Becca that day. “I became as soon as perfect jubilant to back her, what I mean,” he told the outlet. “It be perfect unprecedented nonetheless I couldn’t sail away her support there on memoir of she didn’t know nobody there so I needed to back her out.”

After what became as soon as supposed to be a straightforward Uber drag grew to change into staunch into a elevated carrying out, they went to a Mexican restaurant for meals and margaritas. It became as soon as right here where Raul shared his family’s memoir, Becca defined. His daughter, Myra, is a senior in highschool and is currently going thru chemotherapy, she acknowledged on TikTok. While going thru therapy, she also has to balance traditional teenager milestones take care of prom and graduation. Raul’s father also had cancer and became as soon as no longer doing neatly, and each and each relatives devour been below his care.


“Raul ended his Uber sail back and forth that morning to employ his day serving to me,” she acknowledged on TikTok, “observing for nothing in return.”

So, she created the GoFundMe on April 28 to abet with any medical prices and to back produce Myra’s senior year memorable. The next day, Raul’s dad died and a slew of funeral prices devour been on the horizon. 

“The Torres family didn’t know they’d gain up this morning with a funeral to space recently too,” Becca wrote in an update on the GoFundMe, “and I am beyond grateful for your continued donations.”

She shared on TikTok that she got to meet the Torres family, along side Raul’s wife Linda. “I take care of them,” Becca acknowledged. “They’re caught with me eternally.” In later TikToks, Becca showed her hanging out with the family, getting matching necklaces with Myra and planning a sail to to Ensenada, Mexico.

“After I became as soon as in the automobile with him, it looked take care of we devour been so targeted on my anxiety,” Becca shared on TikTok. “We devour been finest talking about getting my phone and issues that didn’t matter. And he fully glazed over the very fact that take care of his daughter and his dad devour been those that wished back.”


Now, the fundraiser has accumulated better than Becca and the Torres family might perchance well moreover’ve ever imagined. The TikToker told ABC7 that, after handling medical bills, Raul hopes to utilize some remaining funds to do his dream of opening a taco store.

His family vouched for his kindness when she met them as neatly. On TikTok, Becca recalled them announcing, “‘He does that the entire time. He helps all people.'”

She added, “Thank God he treated me take care of a daughter that day, too.”

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