In brief: Windows 10’s “sweeping visual restoration” is most likely still a methods away, but we’ll have plenty of smaller sized function updates to evaluate out in the interim. One such update is the new, combined weather/news taskbar widget offered to Windows 10 experts.

The widget does simply what you ‘d anticipate: when you click it (it’ll appear to the left of all your smaller taskbar icons), it brings up a large details panel that you can scroll through and connect with. This panel will show you the most recent headlines and stories, relevant stock rates, upcoming sports events, and the regional weather in your location.

When the panel is reduced, it just displays an at-a-glance view of the weather condition, as you can see below. Unlike a few of Microsoft’s other Windows functions, this brand-new taskbar button in fact looks pretty helpful.

It need to let you quickly capture yourself up on the current goings-on worldwide (or at least your area) without sidetracking yourself from the job at hand.

If a particular subject does capture your eye enough for you to want a more extensive article, clicking on a headline will take you right to the source article by means of Microsoft Edge. It’s uncertain whether you can change that default to Firefox or Chrome.

You may likewise pick to customize your feed a bit, if you’re tired of, state, getting bombarded with stories about Covid-19 or the cost of Bitcoin.

This function will likely roll out to the general Windows userbase in the future because it seems quite refined, however if you wish to test it early, you can. To do so, you can begin by joining the Windows Expert program and snagging Build 21286 in the Dev Channel.

You’ll also need a copy of Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge internet browser set up (it does not need to be your default web browser), and you need to live in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, or India.


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