May was another month where audiences actually got to see Netflix’s dedication to movie this year play out. Amongst the films that customers got to view on the banner were the brand-new Zack Snyder splatterfest Army of the Dead, in addition to 2 movies that were initially arranged to go to theaters, The Mitchells vs. The Devices and The Female in the Window.

Those movies all made the top 10 most-watched list of the month, as did fellow Netflix originals Oxygen and Things Heard & Seen. However did any of them handle to reach the primary area? Keep reading to discover.

Leading 10 most-watched films on Netflix in May 2021

10 House(2015)

Though House was initially launched in movie theaters 6 years earlier, the Dreamworks film has actually got a 2nd life on Netflix after the banner launched spin-off series House: Experiences with Suggestion & Oh. This has actually kept the kid’s sci-fi movie about the relationship in between a girl and a fugitive from a alien race that has actually attacked Earth high on moms and dads’ Netflix lines as kids move from program to motion picture and back once again.

32 Minions
Still from “Minions.”

9. Minions(2015)

This spin-off about the world’s preferred yellow nonsense-spouters from Despicable Me was currently an around the world smash prior to it concerned Netflix. Ticket office profits for the film were around $1.2 billion around the world, making it the 21 st highest-grossing movie of perpetuity. Lots of the millions who viewed it worldwide, nevertheless, need to be rewatching the movie a lot on streaming as they wait on the postponed Minions: The Increase of Gru

8. Oxygen(2021)

Netflix has actually been remarkably proficient at opening world movie theater for audiences, permitting them to overcome what Bong Joon-ho when called the “one inch barrier” of subtitles– though to be reasonable, we do not understand precisely the number of individuals are viewing the called variations of Netflix strikes like 365 Dni.

The most recent non-American movie to be popular all over the world on the banner is Oxygen, a French thriller about a lady who awakens in a cryogenic chamber without any memory of how she arrived.

7. I Am All Women (2021)

South Africa likewise had a Netflix hit on its hands in 2021 with I Am All Women, a story that includes 2 staples of gritty police procedural: a kid sex trafficking ring and a serial killer. The latter is leaving hints to assist lowers the previous, and a Johannesburg investigator needs to break both cases.

6. Penguins of Madagascar(2014)

Another Dreamworks cartoon animation spin-off that has actually shown effective on Netflix. Unlike House, nevertheless, this Madagascar spin-off notoriously underperformed at the U.S. ticket office– though it made its refund globally. Either those around the world audiences are providing the motion picture a rewatch, or American households who had penguin tiredness after Delighted Feet are finding it for the very first time.

17 50-shades-of-grey
Still from “Fifty Tones of Grey.”

5. Fifty Tones of Grey(2015)

Streaming has actually supplied rather of a safe area for those who wish to view films on the sexier aside without needing to be seen in public doing so. Netflix originals like Deadly Impressions and the abovementioned 365 Dni have actually had huge success on the banner for this factor, and now a more popular sexual thriller is participating the action.

4. Army of the Dead(2021)

Fresh off of streaming success with his redux of Justice League, Zack Snyder returns with zombie break-in motion picture Army of the Dead. Though launched late in Might, the motion picture’s success has actually catapulted it up the chart as the world feasts on each absurd and bloody scene.

3. Things Heard and Seen(2021)

Though Netflix has actually gotten several Oscar elections for motion pictures like Marital Relationship Story and Roma, the typical American motion picture made by the banner tends to be undesirable with critics however popular with the general public. 2 of the leading 3 this month fit this expense. Is Things Heard and Seen, the Amanda Seyfried-starring haunted home scary …

woman in the window netflix
Still from ‘The Lady in the Window.’

2. The Female in the Window(2021)

… And 2nd is The Lady in the Window, the Amy Adams-starring twist on Rear Window that sees the star play an agoraphobic who thinks her next-door neighbor has actually been killed. As Netflix counts anything above 2 minutes as a “play,” we do not understand the number of individuals truly saw these movies, however they have actually definitely been more popular with individuals than with journalism.

1. The Mitchells vs. The Devices(2021)

The Lady in The Window, nevertheless, needed to search as The Mitchells vs. The Devices took the leading area. A household preferred, the movie sees a tech-obsessed household on a roadtrip handling a robotic intrusion. There is more than a little paradox in a movie about how we are all consumed with contemporary innovation being a big hit amongst individuals utilizing Netflix on their numerous gadgets, plainly that has actually not got in the method of individuals taking pleasure in the relocation.


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