LA’s Finest is currently the third most-watched show on U.S. Netflix, meaning that plenty of viewers are enjoying the high-octane police series starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. Not everyone, however, may have realized that the show is actually a spin-off of the Bad Boys movies. Though set on a different coast than the Miami-set movie trilogy, there are plenty of Easter eggs to the Michael Bay movies starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and some characters cross over from the film trilogy into the Spectrum Original show.

How LA’s Finest links to the Bad Boys movies

LA’s Finest connects to Bad Boys II via Gabrielle Union’s character of Sydney Burnett. In the second movie of the franchise, she was introduced as the younger sister of Detective Marcus Burnett (played by Lawrence). In the movie, she was working on her first ever case, which soon became tied up in her brother’s own investigation.

LA’s Finest, meanwhile, catches up with Syd over 15 years later, with the character now an established police officer in Los Angeles rather than Miami, and with a new partner in the form of Nancy McKenna (Alba), a new character to the Bad Boys franchise.

Syd’s return is not the only way that LA’s Finest links to the Bad Boys franchise. The show also includes computer hacker Fletcher, played by NBA star John Salley. Fletcher was part of the team in Miami in Bad Boys and Bad Boys II and like Syd has since moved to LA.

las finest-bad-boys
Sydney Barnett (played by Gabrielle Union, left) is a character in both ‘LA’s Finest’ and ‘Bad Boys II.’

The series also contains references to a character from Bad Boys II who has not yet appeared in LA’s Finest—and now the show has been canceled, will never show up. In the first episode, Syd hands a witness her silver Rolex, which has “Mike” engraved on it. This is a reference to Mike Lowrey (Smith), Marcus’ partner who was in a relationship with Syd which has come to an end by the time of the Netflix and Spectrum show.

As well as these character links, the series also pays tribute to some of the most well-known moments from the first two Bad Boys movies. In one scene, for example, we see Syd and Nancy ask for Tropical Fruit Bubblicious and Skittles in a convenience store, something we also saw Mike and Marcus do in the 1995 movie.

In another scene, they paid homage to the moment where Syd got kidnapped in Bad Boys II, after which the camera pans around Lawrence and Smith while the former says “sjust got real.” This was replicated, slow pan and all, when Syd realizes one of her witnesses has been snatched.

LA’s Finest Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix. Seasons 1 and 2 are on Spectrum.


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