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Jimmy Butler is a little a renaissance man. He branched outside of his basketball world by opening his “Huge Face Coffee” store in the Orlando bubble last season, skillfully charging his fellow players $20 per cup knowing how restricted their other alternatives were. If he was planning to launch an acting profession as his next off-court endeavor, though, he may want to stick with his day job.

In the closing seconds of a tight triumph over the New york city Knicks, Butler was fouled off of the ball by Julius Randle. In a desperate attempt to have actually the call updated into a flagrant nasty, Butler rolled around on the flooring in obvious pain. The problem? He couldn’t help himself from glancing out to see how the authorities were reacting. A thespian, Butler is not.

Unsurprisingly, the occurrence was considered a common nasty. Butler got up, brushed it off, and made one of his two totally free throw attempts. RJ Barrett missed his game-tying layup attempt, and the Heat left with a 98-96 victory. Butler’s act, in the end, had no influence on the result.

But, hi, it never ever hurts to check drive some of your post-career ambitions while you’re still on the floor. Possibly Butler wants to be a movie star when he’s all set to hang up his tennis shoes. If that’s the strategy, however, he’s going to need one heck of an acting coach. This efficiency predictably tricked nobody.


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