I have artistic moms and dads and my brother or sisters and I matured in a creative environment. I keep in mind that everyone worked together at the table on what they were most thinking about, and as I was interested in art, I utilized to paint. My mother always states that even when I was playing with my pals in the park as a kid I would develop mud sculptures.

Although my household aren’t bakers, we have actually constantly liked to hang out in the cooking area. When I was younger, I enjoyed altering kinds of cakes and my mama was constantly very supportive of my efforts. I keep in mind making my very first cream cake, a banana roll cake, when I was 13 years old and decorating the cake later on was actually what I enjoyed the most.

I likewise used to paint when I was at school, and in between classes, and I started painting on material. I painted a flower on the back of a gown and eventually cut out the illustrated part and framed it. At the gallery, when the owner was loading my framed fabric, a gentleman there asked who had created the image. He turned out to be the teacher of arts and the dean of a local university and told me that I was extremely gifted. I’m not exactly sure that I actually recognized I was talented up until that point.

Although not formally trained, I displayed paintings for many years. It wasn’t up until about 12 years ago that I developed my first hyper reasonable cake. For my child’s first birthday, I decided to base the design for his cake on his favorite toy at the time, which was an automobile. That’s when I first used a sugar paste to mould the style, dealing with the dough and moulding the sugar paste made me happy. I couldn’t think what I had the ability to create, and I keep in mind informing myself: “This must be my task. I have to do this.”

My son seemed truly pleased with the cake, and not long after I began getting a lot of requests for cakes from individuals in my neighborhood. Since then, I have actually made countless cakes, and the majority of them are hyper practical. I have actually made everything from coffee cups to coffee devices, fruits, vegetables, artworks and even people– consisting of stars like Bob Marley, Jason Statham, Princess Diana and Princes William and Harry.

Baking, Cakes, Patisserie, hyper realistic cakes
Tuba Geçkil with among her active sensible cakes.
Courtesy of Tuba Geçkil/@redrosecake_tubageckil

When I initially started sharing my cakes on social media 10 years earlier, there wasn’t much interest, even though I had actually produced them with a big amount of love. I quickly recognized that the factor individuals weren’t delighted about the cakes was since they thought I was in fact revealing images of real things. After I began sharing images of the cakes once again, this time cutting them to show the cake within, people started to respond with much more surprise.

Baking, Cakes, Patisserie
An active reasonable cake bust of Bob Marley developed by Tuba Geçkil.
Thanks To Tuba Geçkil/@redrosecake_tubageckil

I opened my own bakeshop in Istanbul, Red Rose Bakeshop, 10 years back and now I have 2 places in the city. We take orders for dozens of cakes every week in many different flavors and designs. In some cases an order for a hyper sensible cake may take an hour and in some cases days or weeks.

Among the most remarkable cakes I have actually made was a cake bust of German Chancellor Angela Merkel five years ago for the IKA/Culinary Olympics and got a gold medal. I would have liked to have actually been able to meet Chancellor Merkel, present the cake to her and ask her what she thought about it.

I ‘d also love to make a hyper sensible cake of Rihanna, she has an incredible face. But actually, the main enjoyment for me is that the cakes I make are valued by my consumers. I have been a cake baking trainer for 10 years too, and sometimes I even go to cake schools in other countries to train students there. I have actually been able to teach countless trainees for many years and you simply can’t put a worth on teaching a student and experiencing the joy on their faces.

I ‘d love for individuals from all over the world to experience my hyper practical cakes and I anticipate the time when there will be active reasonable cakes in all pastry shops. However I do not have a preferred cake of the numerous I have actually made over the years, I like them all.

Tuba Geçkil is the creator and owner of Red Rose Cakes, which has 2 areas in Istanbul, Turkey. You can follow her on Instagram at @redrosecake_tubageckil and Facebook at Tuba Geckil. You can likewise see her cake tutorials on @everythingisacake_tubageckil.

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