Hubble Ultra Deep Field

This six-minute visual exploration of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field showcases the qualities and contents of this landmark observation, as well as its four-dimensional nature across both area and time. In particular, galaxies are seen to more than 12 billion light-years away/ 12 billion years earlier, allowing astronomers to trace the advancement of galaxies across cosmic time.

A deep field is a long exposure on a little field of view to observe the faintest objects possible. The Ultra Deep Field (UDF) represents the inmost visible light observation of the universe (much deeper views are extensions/ subsets of this 2004 image).

In this sequence, the 3D design of the UDF data set uses NASA and other images and source brochures.

The visualization encompasses a suite of UDF science points in a single electronic camera shot journey. Zooms, fades, fly-throughs, and overlay graphics visually express and highlight aspects such as the field of view, long direct exposure time, variety of galaxies, and level throughout the observable universe. The vital idea that “looking farther out into area is also looking further back in time” leads to examples, drawn directly from the information, of galaxy structure changing and growing in time.

The Ultra Deep Field, and other deep field research studies, assists astronomers study the distribution, qualities, and development of galaxies across space and time.

This presentation is based on work performed as part of the NASA’s Universe of Learning task and is supported by NASA under cooperative agreement award number NNX16 AC65 A. The NASA’s Universe of Learning (NASA’s UoL) task develops and delivers science-driven, audience-driven resources and experiences created to engage and immerse learners of all ages and backgrounds in exploring the universe for themselves. The competitively-selected project represents a special collaboration between the Area Telescope Science Institute, Caltech/IPAC, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Center for Astrophysics


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