A freshman Republican congresswoman stated that she might support efforts to censure all 147 of her GOP associates who voted in favor of objections to President-elect Joe Biden’s election win hours after an angry mob of President Donald Trump’s advocates stormed the U.S. Capitol.

Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina, who was sworn in along with other House members on January 3, made the remarks during in interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Monday. Mace firmly insisted that she would be “looking at all of the options that are on the table” for penalizing a large number of her GOP associates who supported efforts to overturn the will of voters, including censuring them.

” We had a constitutional crisis on Wednesday,” Mace said. “I am barely a week into the task and I am looking at all of the options that are on the table. Censure must be on the table. We need to hold ourselves accountable, we have to hold ourselves to a greater standard. I am incredibly disappointed with some members in my own celebration over their behavior and over their words.”

” There needs to be a reconciliation and reckoning within our own party,” she included. “If we don’t hold ourselves liable, especially for those who are at fault for beginning this or allowing this to happen, then we might never ever earn the trust of the American people back.”

Mace revealed a desire to be “part of the solution and not part of the issue” of partisan department. She might support censuring Congress and has recommended censuring the president himself, she has likewise spoken versus a second Trump impeachment over issues that it might stimulate further department. Your home is preparing to vote on impeaching Trump later this week for supposedly inciting the riot.

Nancy Mace Censure Congress Capitol Trump Riot
Republican Nancy Mace is envisioned throughout a project event in Charleston, South Carolina on October 31,2020 .
Michael Ciaglo/Getty

The congresswoman stated that Americans who believed Trump’s claims of huge voter scams had “followed these lies since they feel like their voices aren’t heard,” including “that’s why the president was so successful in fleecing them” with his “lies and dishonesty to the American individuals.”

Even after the rioters breached the building, Trump continued to claim without evidence that the election had actually been “stolen” on Twitter, contributing to the platform suspending and later prohibiting his account permanently.

Mace regreted that “every achievement” Republicans had actually had more than the previous four years had been “erased” by the pro-Trump insurrection, stating that the party will “have to begin over from scratch” as an outcome.

On a personal note, Mace explained sheltering in her workplace together with staff when the rioters breached the structure as one of the most “harrowing” experiences of her life. 5 people passed away as an outcome of the riot, with much more hurt. Members of Congress narrowly prevented direct confrontations with the mob.

” I risked my life for a vote on Wednesday that need to have been ceremonial,” stated Mace. “I was a sitting duck, my staff was a sitting duck as we were on lockdown in our offices. Our offices were locked. Tones were drawn, lights were out and we were peaceful. All we know and all we heard were sirens throughout all of D.C. We understood there were pipe bombs out there, we knew there was a cooler loaded with Molotov cocktails. It was one of the most harrowing and scariest experiences.”

Mace is not alone in calling for responsibility for those who continued pressing discredited claims about election fraud even after the riot, although Democrats have actually suggested significantly more strong procedures.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.), also a freshman member of the House, introduced a resolution that would expel every member of Congress who attempted to reverse election results due to a provision of the 14 th Modification of the Constitution, which disallows those who have actually “engaged in insurrection or disobedience” from serving.


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