Out of approximately 330 million individuals residing in the U.S., about 34 million are coping with diabetes.

For individuals with type 1 diabetes, access to insulin is the distinction in between life and death.

Recently, many Americans have been expressing their outrage on social networks at the increasing expense of insulin and marvel who is to blame.

The Claim

Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes on Thursday tweeted: “Insulin back up to $1,500 for a 90- day supply. Thank President Biden,” in a post that has gotten more than 27,000 likes and 11,000 retweets.

Insulin back up to $1,500 for a 90 day supply. Thank President Biden. Big Pharma’s investment paying off. Meanwhile, minimum wage boosts looking undecided, trade protections disappearing, low-wage migration influx incoming, energy tasks cut, and stimulus checks shrinking.

— Robert Barnes (@barnes_law) February 11, 2021

In action to a Twitter video of a lady tearfully going over how insulin costs have increased under Biden, one user replied on Thursday that, “My family is in the exact same circumstance.

My household is in the same situation.

— Chelsea (@EdgeeGirl) February 11, 2021

The Facts

The average sticker price of insulin has actually almost tripled in between 2002 and 2013, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

On January 20, Ron Klain, assistant to the president and chief of personnel, announced a Regulative Freeze Pending Evaluation in a White Home memorandum.

It froze any guidelines from the former administration for the next 60 days that were released and released by the Federal Register that have not yet entered into impact “for the purpose of evaluating any concerns of truth, law, and policy the guidelines might raise.”

This includes freezing Trump’s Executive Order on Access to Budget-friendly Life-Saving Medications (Executive Order 13937) that was supposed to go into result January 22.

In July, Trump signed 4 executive orders aimed at drug rates to buy the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Provider (HHS) “to take several actions to deliver for American patients lower costs on prescription drugs, including insulin and epinephrine, and guarantee Americans are getting the lowest cost possible for their drugs,” according to a news release from HHS.

Trump’s Executive Order 13937, released by the Federal Register, supports enhanced access to economical insulin and injectable epinephrine for low-income individuals “due to either lack of insurance coverage or high cost sharing requirements.”

” The sale price for a single vial of insulin today is often more than $250 and a lot of patients use at least 2 vials monthly,” the executive order states while likewise including that some injectable epinephrine sets can cost more than $600

The execution of the executive order was published by the Federal Register on December23 The order would have gone into effect on January 22.

” This last rule establishes that health centers getting financing under area 330( e) of the PHS Act are anticipated to provide insulin and injectable epinephrine at or listed below the cost the health center paid through the 340 B Program, plus a very little administration charge,” the file states.

On January 26, the Federal Register released a statement that the efficient date of the final rule of Trump’s executive order had been delayed up until March 22.

It is up to the Biden administration to choose whether to sign Trump’s executive order into law.

Relating to the rising cost of insulin, the ADA composed in a 2018 report that, “The factors for this boost are not totally clear but are due in part to the complexity of drug pricing in basic and of insulin prices in specific.”

On January 14, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) required to Twitter to reveal why insulin prices have actually increased.

” 2day Sen Wyden & I launched Finance Cmte report on INSULIN costs Costs hv gone THRU THE ROOFING for patients/taxpayers bc of maker, health insurance & PBM biz practices They make $$ as %of ballooning sticker price so no reward to lower price on 100 yr old drug.”

2day Sen Wyden & I released Financing Cmte report on INSULIN costs Rates hv gone THRU THE ROOFING for patients/taxpayers bc of producer, health plan & PBM biz practices They make $$ as %of ballooning sticker price so no incentive to lower price on 100 year old drug

— ChuckGrassley (@ChuckGrassley) January 14, 2021

That day, the U.S. Senate Financing Committee released a 90- page bipartisan insulin investigation report by Grassley and Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) that revealed company practices between drug companies and drug store benefit supervisors (PBM’s) have been keeping the costs high.

” Firstly, pharmaceutical producers have complete control over setting the sticker price (the Wholesale Acquisition Expense (WAC)) for their products. This investigation discovered that producers aggressively raised the WAC of their insulin products missing significant advances in the efficacy of the drugs. These price boosts appear to have actually been driven, in part, by methods PBMs utilized in the early 2010 s,” the report states on page 5.

The same page also mentions that drug makers increased the sale price for insulin partly to allow them to provide bigger rebates to PBM’s and health insurance companies.

Grassley and Wyden started their investigation almost two years back, according to the Senate Finance Committee.

Their full report can be checked out here.

The Judgment


President Biden is not accountable for the rise in the expense of insulin considering that President Trump left office.

The January report released by the U.S. Senate Financing Committee details Grassley and Wyden’s comprehensive examination into the rising cost of insulin and discovered that drug producers, health plans and PBM service practices are responsible.

Biden did freeze an executive order signed by Trump that was targeted at reducing the cost of insulin and injectable epinephrine that was not yet in result.

President Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a see to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland, February 11, 2021.
Saul Loeb/Getty


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