The sis of Mark Frerichs, a guy thought to be the last U.S. captive in Afghanistan, has actually shown Newsweek a declaration dealt with to Sirajuddin Haqqani, head of the Haqqani network, a Taliban-aligned militia that U.S. authorities think to be behind Frerichs’ kidnapping.

In the following text, which has actually been released completely, Charlene Cakora prompts Haqqani to think about releasing a demand to President Joe Biden’s administration for an offer that would see Frerichs released in exchange for the release of Bashir Noorzai, an Afghan tribal leader detained on heroin trafficking charges in New york city while trying to advance diplomacy as the U.S.-led war in his nation grew significantly violent in April 2005.

Newsweek has actually likewise talked to present and previous U.S. authorities relating to the possibility of trading Noorzai, who is presently in a New Hampshire federal jail, for Frerichs, whose location are unidentified.

The declaration listed below has actually not been modified in any method:

An Open Letter to Sirajuddin Haqqani,

” Now is such an essential time for you and your individuals– certainly, the future of Afghanistan is at stake. Individuals of Afghanistan have actually seen years of battling. Whole generations have actually matured understanding what it seems like to have foreign forces in your nation. With the war ending, there are huge choices to be made about the future.

In the previous 2 weeks, the Taliban has actually taken control of Afghanistan and foreign forces have actually begun to end their existence and leave. This alters the function of the Taliban from a combating force to a governing entity. Your federal government will now require to consider guaranteeing individuals of Afghanistan have food, water, electrical power. You will require to think of diplomatic acknowledgment, financial chances, and assistance from outside the nation. There are many chances however, at the exact same time, many dangers.

Continuing to hold an American versus his will is among those dangers. That American is my sibling, Mark Frerichs, and I am composing to appeal for your assistance in bringing Mark house to his household. As a primary step towards that objective, we require your aid to validate that Mark lives.

As you understand, Mark is an American civilian who remained in Kabul for the previous years assisting develop a future for individuals of Afghanistan. He dealt with civil engineering tasks– things that would unlock to future financial chances for individuals he familiarized and regard, individuals who had actually seen a lot of years of war and now are worthy of a future of peace and success.

Mark was taken in Kabul on January 31, 2020 and after that moved into the custody of your Haqqani Network. Mark was currently in Haqqani custody when you composed in the New york city Times on February 20, 2020 about the peace treaty you then prepared to sign with the United States: “A degree of trust has actually been constructed through our talks with the American mediators in Doha, Qatar, however simply as the United States does not trust us totally, we too are extremely far from totally trusting it.” As the head of the Haqqani Network and the deputy leader of the Taliban, you are now in a distinct position to develop that trust with the countries of the world that are waiting to see what a Taliban federal government in Afghanistan will appear like.

In 2005, Bashir Noorzai took a trip to the United States. We heard that he was attempting to work out a peace contract with the United States federal government and something failed. He was jailed, attempted, and founded guilty of drug trafficking. It is not for me to state whether the charges were suitable or whether the regards to his go to were broken, however it is clear that for the past 16 years somebody essential to you has actually remained in the hands of individuals you have actually been battling and you desire him back.

As I have actually learnt more about where Mark is, I realised that your own bro, Anas, was released at the end of 2019 in an exchange that enabled him to come house. At this crucial time in history, I hope you will concur with me that developing the trust you discussed and revealing management is necessary for the future of individuals of Afghanistan.

My federal government is proficient at some things and not so proficient at others. Through 2 administrations, they have actually made errors in their efforts to get Mark house. I think there is a chance for you to break through the challenges that have actually avoided us from having my sibling come house. I am asking you to release a current video of my bro and a deal of a trade for Mr. Noorzai. I am hoping that my federal government will react in a proper method so we can bring the discomfort to these 2 males and their households to an end.

We have actually been searching for a method to bring Mark back to our household and our company believe you are the secret to it. As a sibling, I am attracting you to reveal management by launching my bro, and I hope my federal government will do the exact same with Bashir Noorzai. A current video of my sibling may move things in the ideal instructions.

Mr. Haqqani, my country and the Taliban have actually been at war for a long period of time. I am not the ideal individual to discuss things that were best or incorrect. I understand that, when wars end, detainees on both sides ought to have the capability to go house to their households. That is what I am asking from you.

Charlene Cakora”

Mrs. Cakora is the sibling of American captive Mark Frerich

Mark, Frerichs, hostage, Afghanistan
U.S. specialist Mark Frerichs is seen in this undated household image. Frerichs vanished in late January 2020 and Newsweek reported days later on that he was thought by U.S. authorities to have actually been abducted by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani Network.
Thanks To Charlene Cakora


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