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The search for the ever-elusive “bop” is hard.

Enter Bop Store, a hand-picked choice of songs from the MTV News group. This weekly collection does not discriminate by category and can consist of anything– it’s a snapshot of what’s on our minds and what sounds good. And all March long, we’re celebrating Women’s History Month by spotlighting females making music that feels vital to today.

Prepare: The Bop Store is now open for company.

  • St. Vincent: “Pay Your Way in Discomfort”

    Pain never sounded quite as attractive as it does in this ’70 s-inspired single from St. Vincent, a.k.a. Annie Clark. A cool, sultry cut, “Pay Your Method Pain” sounds the method indulging a prohibited dream feels. It likewise produces a delectable very first taste of Daddy’s Home, the Grammy-winning artist’s upcoming brand-new album. Do not wait up for Daddy. She’s arranged to get here on May 14.– Sam Manzella

  • Chika: “My Future” (Billie Eilish Cover)

    The “future’s looking dreamy” for the Alabama rap artist Chika, who commemorated her Best Brand-new Artist Grammy nomination by covering a track by last year’s winner, Billie Eilish’s slow-burning “My Future.” Known for her viral freestyles, she put one of her signature quick-lipped verses where Eilish’s zonked, distorted musings as soon as were for a jazzy, upbeat outlook on what’s to come. “My present is moving so quick that each passing minute is virtually the future already,” Chika, whose EP Once Upon a Time is out today (March 12), said in a statement. “And I’m in love with the ride I’m on.”– Coco Romack

  • Rosé: “On the Ground”

    It’s here!, and fireworks lighting up the sky, Rosé makes her existence understood, showing that she can stand out amongst any market competitor.– Sarina Bhutani

  • Emily Vu: “Lila”

    A follow-your-dreams anthem that comes with a video focusing on the struggles (and the expense) of actually chasing them, “Lila” boasts a chorus that’s as big as the will to thrive.– Patrick Hosken

  • Allison Ponthier: “Cowboy”

    Brooklyn-based vocalist Allison Ponthier is checking out the Wild West of her sexuality in the brand-new cosmic country-pop track, “Cowboy,” from her forthcoming EP.– Chris Rudolph

  • Horsegirl: “Ballroom Dance Scene”

    Chicago teenage trio Horsegirl recall the early noisiness of Girlpool as much as the deliberate insularity of Belle and Sebastian, developing a forcefield of noise both intrusive and simply out of focus. The music’s as impressionistic as its Do It Yourself abstract video, a fitting document for a band still specifying itself.– Patrick Hosken

  • Sizzy Rocket: “The World Is Burning”

    Static and a melancholic piano tune set the tone for “The World Is Burning,” the latest single from L.A.-based indie rocker Sizzy Rocket. “Don’t you know you’re eliminating me?/ And the heartache is like a tablet to me,” Rocket croons. “I’ll keep myself high for you.” She’s jaded, sure, but I think she may be onto something. Surrendering has a negative undertone; in love and love, it’s sometimes “worth the injuring.”– Sam Manzella

  • Lexi Jayde: “Newbury Park”

    A pastel sunset trip through SoCal, “Newbury Park” is less breezy than its title recommends, rather finding Lexi Jayde tending to a current heartache. It’s leaking with Fleetwood Mac reverence, pop-culture nods (” you ruined Radiohead”), profane hooks (” fuck you for squandering my love”), and references to driving around– making it the type of potent, shareable hit that screams 2021.– Patrick Hosken

  • Lucy Dacus: “Thumbs”

    Lucy Dacus began playing the devastating “Thumbs” reside in late2018 When she did, she ‘d ask the audience to please not film it; as such, it remained a fan-favorite common song that existed just inside place walls. Now, a recorded variation is here, and Dacus has let those barriers fall. Listen, and you might discover why.– Patrick Hosken

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