In quick: Blizzard is making some modifications to its occasion prepares in the middle of a variety of sexual attack claims and analysis from federal private investigators. Rather of hosting an online-only “BlizzConline” convention next year, the business is ditching the principle totally so it can funnel its resources into what it feels matters most: establishing video games.

Blizzard states this choice was a hard one however eventually the ideal require its organization moving on. It wishes to take a while to “reimagine” what BlizzCon is and what it needs to be while utilizing the resources it conserves by not hosting the occasion to support its groups and “development” advancement on its video games and experiences.

Blizzard’s statement post is primarily business fluff, and it does not straight point out any of the debates it has actually discovered itself involved in recently (most likely for legal factors). The business states it is dedicated to making future BlizzCon occasions as safe, inviting, and “inclusive” as possible. Simply put, say goodbye to “Cosby Suites,” a minimum of not any time quickly.

This news may dissatisfy a few of Blizzard’s fans, and honestly, that includes me. It seems like ages considering that the last time we’ve had a correct massive BlizzCon occasion, and I’m truly hoping this time out is just short-lived and not the technique Blizzard prepares to utilize in 2023 and beyond. It’s constantly enjoyable to see the ecstatic (or mad) responses of the crowd when brand-new Blizzard video games and material are exposed, even if those responses are virtual.

Regardless, there is a silver lining here. Statements for Blizzard’s numerous franchises are still coming, they simply will not occur at one central occasion. Rather, you’ll see them spread out throughout numerous “franchise channels,” which most likely indicates Blizzard’s numerous social networks profiles and game-specific blog sites.

The BlizzCon group will assist “assistance” those efforts, so they may be a bit spicier and appealing than normal. If there’s something the BlizzCon folks are proficient at, it’s producing a phenomenon, for much better or even worse.


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