This short article includes light spoilers for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 4

Satanic force kings. Now, as the series heads into its final installment, the crew deals with a new obstacle: moving on.

In July, as the coronavirus pandemic required lots of programs and movies to stop production, it was revealed that the fourth part of the Riverdale– ified coming-of-age series would be its last; but not prior to Sabrina casts an engaging goodbye spell, of course.

For the cast that’s been with the series given that the first day, the finale drew mixed emotions. “I think it’s such an ideal way to finish up this impressive story that we have actually been informing for the past few years,” Kiernan Shipka, who plays the titular witch, tells MTV News. “I’m going to miss it a lot.” As Part 4 brings the story to a close, the cast of Chilling Experiences of Sabrina— Shipka, Sinclair, Watson, and Leatherwood– assess their favorite moments, the most ship-worthy couples, and the delight of getting paid to construct.

MTV News: Understanding that this is the final installment in the Chilling Experiences of Sabrina story, how are you feeling post-filming and entering into its release?

Kiernan Shipka: I am feeling bittersweet about it, as I’m sure we all are, but at the exact same time, I am so, so passionate about Part 4.

Jaz Sinclair: I’m just going to miss everyone.

Diyah Pera/Netflix

Gavin Leatherwood: The lovely ladies really covered a lot of it. I’m stoked that the fans get one more part.

Lachlan Watson: It’s enthusiastic, for sure. Go out with a bang.

MTV News: In Part 4, you’re dealing with the Eldritch Terrors. Which of the Fears do you feel is the most scary of all?

Shipka: Oh my goodness. When it comes to something like The Darkness, I think that was just such a huge terror and very, extremely scary.

Leatherwood: I also thought that The Unusual was truly disturbing.

Shipka: I love The Odd!

Leatherwood: It’s probably among my favorite Eldritch Terrors, however seeing you get cut open and having a squid inside you discussed that gory bit. And the squid tongue is just a disturbing thought. That one geeks me out a bit, to be truthful.

Shipka: The squid tongue was so fun. I sent out many selfies to my good friends resembling, “[I’m] at work!”

MTV News: I believed The Unwanted was sort of hot, to be truthful.

Sinclair: Oh, unclean toe nails do it for you?

MTV News: He absolutely advised me of a few of the guys I dated in high school.

Watson: If you could compare your dating life to an Eldritch Horror, which one would it be?

Shipka: The Unwelcome.

Leatherwood: The Perverse.

Sinclair: The Perverse is frightening to me. With the other Eldritch Terrors, everyone knows something is wrong, so you resemble, OK, something’s obviously messed up. We’ve got to figure out what it is and fix it. With The Perverse, where everyone’s like, no, this is perfectly typical and totally effed up, that’s so scary to me. Like, are we stuck like this forever?

MTV News: Do you think fans will be satisfied with the ending?

Shipka: Yeah. I really believe that we approached Part 4 as our last.

Leatherwood: However is Nabrina end game?

Shipka: I do not understand, we’re not going to tell them. They can assume or guess.

Diyah Pera/Netflix

MTV News: Yeah, which couples in the show do you ship?

Watson: Zelda and Mambo Marie.

Sinclair: Yes! I actually like their romance.

Watson: I indicate, we might be together for eternity. It’s the supreme end game when you actually never ever pass away.

Leatherwood: I more than happy that Harvey found Rosalind since somebody needed to hold his love away from Sabrina. I think that relationship is damn great.

Sinclair: Well, regrettable we have no chemistry, me and Ross [Lynch].

Leatherwood: You people faked it so, so well.

Sinclair: I understand, all the laughs, all the constructing– horrible, disliked going to work and constructing with Ross every day. It was like, oh, y’ all don’t pay me enough for this.

Shipka: Hard, truly hard.

Watson: Yeah, I did have a couple days where I ‘d invest 16 hours constructing out with somebody, and I ‘d be like, I earn money a sensible quantity of money to simply appear and make out with somebody. It’s quite cool.

MTV News: Across all 4 parts, each of your characters had their own personal challenges that they had to deal with. What do you feel was the best obstacle your character needed to get rid of?

Shipka: At points, Sabrina genuinely feels like the entire world is resting on her shoulders, and it honestly may be. That’s certainly a huge burden for a girl. I think that her story is, witchiness aside, deeply relatable. It’s about discovering yourself within a world that states you need to be one way based on how you were raised. She is simply trying to be herself and balance whatever she desires in life without being restricted. The way that she has actually come into her own as a young witch, a young woman, and a friend is truly motivating to me.


Sinclair: Roz began off as simply a mortal best buddy and was constantly a little curious about the witchy stuff but kind of horrified, since her dad was super spiritual. Getting to become a witch and have the scene where they’re like, “You’re a wizard, Roz,” was literally a freaking dream come real for me.

Watson: [For Theo], I think discovering their true self and actually enabling themself to come into their own, and to be vulnerable, and to break down their little caramel-shell outside was a really fascinating thing.

Leatherwood: Nick is discovering how to enjoy, for sure, and the distinction in between starving after somebody and caring somebody unconditionally.

MTV News: And what was your favorite minute to act?

Leatherwood: I had one of the most fun in Part 3. I got to batter Richard [Coyle], I got to batter Luke [Cook] with brass knuckles– and shirtless, mind you. I got put in chains several times, I was painted gold, I was made into a wall, I had a devil foot, I got to yell at Kiernan.

Watson: Well, anytime you get to yell at Kiernan is an excellent day.

Leatherwood: I don’t know why, however that scene [in the woods during the hair moon episode in Part 3] was simply so enjoyable. I just really felt like that day was pulsing and alive.

Watson: Theo and Robin have a huge climax moment which scene was actually, truly brutal for a great deal of reasons. There was a fight for closure for everybody, for me and [Jonathan Whitesell] and our characters. We had a difficult day, going back and forth between needing to be mad at each other and after that, off scene, making sure that we were both OKAY and still working. It’s a difficult balance, as a star, keeping your mental health in check and likewise serving the character.

Liane Hentscher/Netflix

Sinclair: Most likely my favorite scene to shoot was with the new odd sisters– me, Tati [Gabrielle], and Skye.

Leatherwood: You can feel that in the scene too, Jaz. When I saw, I was like, damn, Rosalind is a badass which scene is incredibly electric.

Shipka: I will always hold that very first dark baptism quite near my heart. I understand none of you men were in fact there for it, which is–

Leatherwood: We didn’t get the welcome. Must have got lost in the mail or something.

Shipka: It’s sort of like, I don’t understand, a household thing.

Watson: I like that when you had the contacts in, you ‘d cross your eyes a bit, too. It was fantastic.


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