By ESA/Hubble
May 16, 2021

Galaxy Cluster ACO S 295

Galaxy cluster ACO S 295 recorded by the Hubble Area Telescope. Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, F. Pacaud, D. Coe

This jam-packed ESA/Hubble Image of the Week showcases the galaxy cluster ACO S 295, in addition to a scrambling crowd of background galaxies and foreground stars. Galaxies of all sizes and shapes occupy this image, varying from magnificent spirals to fuzzy ellipticals. As a variety of sizes, this stellar menagerie boasts a variety of orientations, with spiral galaxies such as the one at the center of this image appearing practically face on, and some edge-on spiral galaxies noticeable just as thin slivers of light.

The cluster controls the center of this image, both aesthetically and physically. The big mass of the galaxy cluster has actually gravitationally lensed the background galaxies, misshaping and smearing their shapes. As offering astronomers with a natural magnifying glass with which to study far-off galaxies, gravitational lensing has actually discreetly framed the center of this image, producing an aesthetically striking scene.


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