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YouTube star Rebecca Zamolo finally got her rainbow baby.

The star of The Game Master network has given birth to her and husband Matt Slays‘ first child, a daughter named Zadie Hope, following a lengthy infertility battle, during which she suffered two pregnancy losses. She announced the news in a YouTube video, posted March 12, showing her undergoing a C-section and then meeting her baby girl.

Later in the video, Rebecca is seen showing Zadie her nursery and telling her, “We have all of these rainbows because you are our rainbow baby.”

Last June, the YouTube star announced on Instagram that she was pregnant following a third round of IVF. She had sought fertility treatments about more than two years ago, after doctors told her it would be more challenging for her to conceive naturally due to having her colon removed in 2014 as a treatment for ulcerative colitis.

She became pregnant through IVF months after she suffered a missed miscarriage when she was nine weeks along and documented the devastating moment she found out she had lost her pregnancy on YouTube. It marked her second loss—her first round of IVF ended in a chemical pregnancy, or early miscarriage.

“There’s so many times where you try to control everything, but in the end of the day, I think things work out the way they’re supposed to,” Rebecca told E! News in May. “I believe everything works for you, not against you, even though sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. I guess that’s what gives me hope, like, it wasn’t meant to be.”


After undergoing her third IVF round, Rebecca underwent a hysteroscopy to have polyps removed from her uterus, to boost her chances of conceiving again. She later had both a female and male embryo implanted, resulting in her pregnancy with baby Zadie.

“it was a long path and sometimes it felt like this day would never come,” Rebecca said in her new video. “But I’m so glad we kept going on and believing that this would happen because gosh, now that she’s here, I can honestly say this was all worth it and we are so happy. So happy with Zadie Hope. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to us.”

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