Huge T had a short Challenge launching on War of the Worlds 2(the Team UK member was the 2nd gamer ousted), and after that the Brit revealed some major Total Insanity game play and social savviness (however was ousted due to a medical disqualification). Her Moles journey has actually already been eventful: She lost her partner Joseph in the 2nd Season 36 removal and is now paired with the legendary CT after a big teammates shakeup.

But during today’s episode, audiences saw a different side of the funny rival and got to hear Big T’s “origin story.”

” When I was two years old, my little sibling died,” she told Devin, Amber M and Kyle. “And then my mama got cervical cancer, and in my culture in Malawi, adoption isn’t a thing. And I was like, ‘Yeah, I desire to go to the U.K.’

But that wasn’t all.

” So like my original daddy, he passed away when I was 17 years old. And my initial mum passed away when I was 8 years of ages. Since she didn’t desire me to enjoy her passing away. So that’s why I was embraced when I was 4.”

Huge T has actually lost both of her biological parents, and she confessed that as someone who has actually gone through this significant loss, “you do not get used to that.”

” But you have actually just go to stay positive and just try to be strong,” she concluded.

Devin summed it up best: “You’re motivating,” he told his opponent.

Be sure to keep watching “inspiring” Big T every Wednesday at 8/7c.


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