In quick: Smart glasses are back in style following the industrial failure that was Google Glass. In the wake of the Ray-Ban/Facebook partnership on Ray-Ban Stories, Amazon’s 2nd-gen Echo Frames, Razer’s Anzu wise glasses, and more, Xiaomi is signing up with the celebration with a brand-new take on the tech– and the Chinese giant declares its item might change your phone.

The world’s biggest phone maker has actually raised the cover on the Xiaomi Smart Glasses. The business states they appear like routine glasses– if you disregard the electronic camera pointing at you, probably– and weigh simply 51 g.

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses include an internal display screen chip that’s as little as a grain of rice (2.4 mm x 2.02 mm), with specific pixels sized at 4μm. Instead of utilizing a small projector, similar to Google Glass, it utilizes MicroLED imaging innovation. Not just does it need less area, however it likewise provides greater brightness and pixel density, a longer life-span, and an easier structure than OLED.

The glasses utilize a mix of optical waveguide tech and refraction to bounce beams numerous times, enabling the user to see a total image, all made with a single lens.

Xiaomi insists its glasses are more than simply a secondary screen for your mobile phone. Users can see standard notice and call details, in addition to navigation, a teleprompter, and real-time text and image translations. There’s likewise 5MP cam for taking pictures and an integrated microphone. Similar to comparable items, an indication light will light up when the electronic camera remains in usage.

All this is attained with a quad-core ARM processor, battery, touchpad, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules, and Android OS. It likewise features Xiaomi’s XiaoAI assistant.

While Xiaomi claims this is a smart device replacement, the monochrome green screen– picked so adequate light can travel through the complex optical structures– is not likely to please those who have actually simply offered their $1,000 flagship and anticipate a comparable experience.

No word yet on the Xiaomi Smart Glasses’ rates, release date, or accessibility.


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