Ellen Pompeo Dedicates “Grey’s Anatomy” Season to Healthcare Employee

It’s a great time to be a Grey’s Anatomy fan.

The season 17 premiere brought fans the greatest surprise we’ve had in years in the type of Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, 5 whole years after his death. It resembled a shot of adrenaline right when we needed it the most, even as the rest of the program– and even Meredith ( Ellen Pompeo) herself– is dealing with the effects of COVID-19

The very best part is that we understand the surprises aren’t over. In an interview with Due Date, showrunner Krista Vernoff was asked if Meredith’s mom Ellis (played by Kate Burton and who was originally named in the script to keep Dempsey a surprise) might show up on the beach ultimately. Here’s what Vernoff stated:

” I do not understand.

Then, a promo that aired after the Nov. 19 episode promised that “another individual from her previous returns,” and we’ve been losing our minds ever since, without any assistance from the cast.

On Thursday morning, a fan asked Pompeo for a tip about the next installation and the star exposed that “it’s going to be a really actually special episode.”

As usual, Thursday night can’t come quickly enough.

2 people (aside from Ellis) right away enter your mind when we think of Meredith’s past: George O’Malley ( T.R. Knight) and Lexie Grey ( Chyler Leigh). Both died tragically, and at this point we’re envisioning that only the dead can meet Meredith on the beach (though we might be totally incorrect about that).

Okay all right … it’s going to be a really unique episode ❤ https://t.co/Gw44 emO3RZ

— Ellen Pompeo (@EllenPompeo) December 3, 2020

When Meredith nearly passed away of drowning, she dreamed of Denny ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan), bomb team person ( Kyle Chandler) and her dead pet dog Doc, so Mer has actually had these sorts of afterlife experiences prior to. A dream parade of her dead loved ones members would be completely on brand.

8c on ABC, find out who returns from Meredith’s past on #GreysAnatomy. https://t.co/Ok88 Il1f0Q– Greys Anatomy (@GreysABC) December 3, 2020

Now, this may be nothing or it may be something, but on IMDb, Dempsey is not the only previous star of the series whose years on the program have actually been updated to include2020 Burton, Knight, Morgan, Sandra Oh, Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw, Jerrika Hinton, Loretta Devine and even Katherine Heigl all are allegedly appearing in some way in 2020, if you ask IMDb.

Nobody has an actual episode noted in 2020 other than Dempsey, and again, this might mean absolutely nothing at all, however it is providing us something fun to hypothesize about … even if a few of our favorites are missing out on from that list.


Significantly, the list is missing Leigh, Eric Dane, Sarah Drew and Isaiah Washington, but it does consist of Michael O’Neill, who played healthcare facility shooter Gary Clark. It wouldn’t not make sense for the guy who nearly eliminated Derek to appear on the beach, but it also would not make a great deal of sense.

It would make the most sense, simply given Meredith’s drowning dream, for her to just reunite with dead characters. At the very same time, when Callie (Ramirez) was almost passing away after her automobile accident, she dreamed a full healthcare facility musical. Sense may not in fact apply here. Anything could occur!

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Isaiah Washington as Preston Burke

In season three, Burke deserted Cristina at the altar and then just took off, ultimately winning a Harper Avery award somewhere else and then at some point, moving to Zurich, Switzerland to open his own hi-tech hospital.

Isaiah Washington left the series after it was reported that he called costar T.R. Knight a gay slur during an argument on set, and all his defenses simply kept making it even worse prior to he lastly was let go from the series. Apparently he and ABC made up, due to the fact that they let him return for a second in2014 His most considerable role because was Thelonious Jaha on The CW’s The 100, up until his character died in season five.


Edward Herrmann as Intern Norman

Intern Norman arrived in season 4 and had to fend off presumptions that he was an attendant, instead of an intern, due to his age. He ruined and informed the wrong client she was dying, and later he collapsed and had a stroke. He had surgical treatment to remove the embolism, and decided after his surgery that he was going to move to psych.


Kali Rocha as Sydney Heron

Sydney was the perky citizen who took over for Bailey during her maternity leave and drove everybody insane with her perkiness.

Craig Sjodin/ABC through Getty Images

T.R. Knight as George O’Malley

One of the most significant tearjerkers on this list. At the end of season five, George had simply chosen to get as an injury surgeon in the army and was on his method to do so when he saved a lady from getting struck by a bus, and was hit himself.

After several troubled seasons behind the scenes (consisting of Isaiah Washington utilizing the f-word while apparently describing Knight), T.R. Knight dealt with a few of George’s stories and the fact that George hardly appeared in the start of season 5, and asked to be released from his contract. Knight went back to Shondaland in 2017 for an arc on The Catch, and has likewise appeared on The Good Spouse, 112263, and Genius, to name a few series. In 2019, he appeared on The Bravest Knight and will appear next in the HBO Max series The Flight Attendant with Kaley Cuoco

Randy Holmes/ABC by means of Getty Images

Brooke Smith as Erica Hahn

Erica Hahn and Callie Torres sort of found their sexualities at the exact same time and began a relationship, and it may have gone someplace … up until Erica discovered what Izzie had actually finished with the LVAD wire, and realized that the heart she had actually taken for Denny (which was then squandered) was expected to have gone to among her own patients. When Callie refused to report the circumstance, Erica up and left the relationship and her task in early season five.

Brooke Smith went on to appear in Bosch, Bates Motel, Supergirl, The Great Doctor, Chicago Med, and The Great Fight, and the 2019 movie Bombshell

Karen Neal/ABC via Getty Images

Brandon Scott as Intern Ryan

Intern Ryan vanished in early season 6 and Brandon Scott most just recently starred on Netflix’s Dead To Me, 13 Reasons Why and This Is Us

Frank Ockenfels/ABC

Katherine Heigl as Izzie Stevens

Izzie Stevens got cancer, wed Alex, survived the cancer, and then sorta simply disappeared in season 6. She eventually returned for a 2nd and admitted she didn’t seem like Seattle was her house any longer. Later, Alex got sent out divorce papers, and now we understand Izzie covertly had Alex’s twins, resides on a ranch in Kansas, and ended up being a surgical oncologist.

Katherine Heigl’ s exit generally began in 2008 when she withdrew her name from Emmy factor to consider since she didn’t feel like the material deserved it.

Heigl, then a burgeoning romcom star, went on to star in a few more romcoms before going back to TV with Scenario, then Doubt, and more just recently, she signed up with Matches and the 2020 series Firefly Lane


Molly Kidder as Intern Megan

For all the drama that a lot of Grey’s interns tend to trigger, Megan handled an excellent quantity as she entered into a mainly web series-based love triangle with Steve and Pierce, as she was dating Pierce, but slept with Steve, and then Pierce wanted to kill Steve, and Megan got pregnant by Steve, and after that she later on married Steve, and she hasn’t been seen because season six after Derek rehired her.

Molly Kidder has actually done a few acting gigs considering that Grey’ s, including a visitor spot on Outsourced in 2010 and some independent movies.


Joseph Williamson as Intern Pierce

Pierce, one corner of the Megan/Pierce/Steve love triangle, was eventually fired in a round of layoffs and left in season six. He has actually because appeared on shows like Here and Now and the 2019 film Ford v Ferrari with Christian Bale and Matt Damon

Michael Desmond/ABC by means of Getty Images

Mark Saul as Intern Steve

Steve was the other corner of the intern love triangle, eventually marrying Megan and fathering her kid. Steve survived the layoffs and made it all the way to season eight, just to never ever be seen again.

Mark Saul has actually appeared on other TV shows considering that his strange disappearance from Grey’s, like Franklin & Bash, Mom, The Excellent Indoors, Grace & Frankie, and Modern Household

Sarah Utterback has actually made a few TELEVISION looks in the years since leaving Grey’s in 2009, consisting of on the programs Reception and Mysteries of Laura


Gloria Garayua as Intern Graciella

Intern Graciella was last seen throughout the health center shooting at the end of season six, however Gloria Garayua has actually been working generally nonstop, consisting of a current arc on How to Get Away with Murder and looks on S.W.A.T, The Excellent Medical Professional, American Homemaker, Animal Kingdom, Snowfall, Crook Minds, NCIS: LA, Anger Management, Bones, and the 2019 miniseries Numeration


Nora Zehetner as Reed Adamson

Nora was the first casualty of Gary Clark, who brought a weapon to the medical facility planning to eliminate Derek. She died immediately after being shot in the head in season 6.


Rachael Taylor as Lucy Fields

OBGYN Lucy kinda sorta took an amazing task in Africa right out from under Alex’s nose, partially because Alex had not even talked to her about the truth that he may move to Africa.

Karen Neal/ABC via Getty Images

Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery

Addison, the female who began as Derek Shepherd’s bitter estranged spouse and eventually ended up being a fan favorite with her own spinoff, was last seen on Grey’s Anatomy in that somewhat controversial musical episode in season seven, when she helped conserve Callie after her car mishap.

She ended Private Practice married to Jake ( Benjamin Bratt) with a child, Henry.

Adam Larkey/ABC

Chyler Leigh as Lexie Grey

Lexie, Meredith’s perky half-sister, is another major tearjerker, as she died in one of the most disastrous storylines the show has actually ever had: the aircraft crash.

Randy Holmes/ABC

Eric Dane as Mark Sloan

Mark, aka McSteamy, also passed away in the plane crash of season eight, but not immediately.

Eric Dane left the show to star in TNT’s The Last Ship, which ended after five seasons in November 2018.

Eric McCandless/ABC by means of Getty Images

Charles Michael Davis as Jason Myers

Keep in mind that OGYN resident who Jo dated back in season nine?

Charles Michael Davis went on to star in The Originals on The CW, then Younger on TV Land, then For individuals on ABC, and Chicago P.D on NBC. So he’s doing fine.


Tina Majorino as Heather Brooks

Wacky intern Heather passed away in season 10 during the big storm, after she was electrocuted while trying to assist Richard Webber.

Tina Majorino most recently appeared on CBS’ Scorpion


Geena Davis as Nicole Herman

Dr. Herman ended up being Arizona’s unreasonably demanding coach in fetal surgery, though she seemed a lot more affordable when Arizona learnt more about Nicole’s enormous terminal brain growth. Amelia fixed the tumor, but Herman lost her vision and ended up leaving in season11 She returned to help Arizona leave the program at the end of season 14 by providing her grant money to open a center for women’s health in New York.

Ron Tom/ABC

Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang


Cristina Yang went through a seriously hard time after the plane crash, and it took a long time for her to fully recover.

Sandra Oh is presently one of the biggest TELEVISION stars, starring as Eve in the seriously well-known BBC America series Killing Eve, for which she has actually won a Golden Globe.

Gaius Charles, also called Friday Night Lights‘ cherished Smash Williams, starred in the programs Aquarius and Taken, and most just recently appeared on CBS’ God Friended Me

ABCRandy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd had a rough couple of seasons as he got a job working for Barack Obama in Washington DC and attempted to make Meredith and the household featured him. She refused and they lived apart for a while, till he decided to make things right and move house to do the task more from another location. Simply as he and Mer mored than happy again, he was on his way back to tie up some loose ends and discovered a massive automobile accident. He invested hours looking after the victims, only to then be hit by a truck as quickly as he got back into his own automobile. The physicians at the hospital where the ambulance took him were unprepared for injury and stopped working to get a head CT, so Meredith needed to pull the plug. That was in season11

Because the end of his time on Grey’s, he starred in Bridget Jones’ Infant, a miniseries called The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair, the show Devils, and commercials where he advises us he was when a TV doctor.

He shockingly returned to Grey’s for a series of dream sequences in season 17.

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Tessa Ferrer as Leah Murphy

Oh Leah Murphy.

Tessa Ferrer also starred in the Hulu adjustment of The second world war miniseries Catch-22 with George Clooney

Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres

Callie left Grey Sloan when her rather questionable girlfriend Cent got an elegant fellowship in New York. After losing a genuinely terrible custody fight with Arizona, she was going to stay in Seattle, but Arizona had a change of mind and sent her on her way with Sofia at the end of season12

Sara Ramirez left to take a brand-new gig on CBS’ Madame Secretary


Samantha Sloyan as Penelope Blake

Penelope’s time at Grey Sloan was rough from start to finish.


Marika Domincyzk as Eliza Minnick

In Season 13, Minnick showed up to take over for Richard Webber in teaching the citizens, but literally everybody disliked her (Meredith even got suspended over it), and she was fired when she was so consumed with protocol that she disregarded to inform the authorities that a homeowner was unaccounted for during a fire.

Marika Domincyzk later joined ABC’s short-lived Whiskey Cavalier, together with her hubby (and Grey’s alum) Scott Foley


Jerrika Hinton as Stephanie Edwards

Stephanie decided to go off and explore, attempting something new at the end of season 13 after nearly passing away in a fire, after months of fatigue and grieving over her dead partner Kyle ( Wilmer Valderrama), and likewise after a whole youth of being in a medical facility.

Jerrika Hinton went on to star in the short-term HBO drama Here and Now in 2018, and likewise signed up with the cast of the Amazon series Hunters as a nazi hunter.


Martin Henderson as Nathan Riggs

Nathan left Grey Sloan in early season 14 when his biggest dream came to life and his fiancee, Megan Hunt, returned from being held captive for a decade. Together, they transferred to LA with the kid she had actually embraced while overseas. It broke up his progressing relationship with Meredith, but it was a heck of a delighted ending for Riggs.

Martin Henderson(who, enjoyable fact, appeared in Britney Spears‘ video for “Hazardous”) later on appeared in the series Virgin River

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

A variation of this short article was originally published on Nov. 19.

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