” I don’t know if I might live without the crunch of a pickle,” Madeline Maker says.

No more doubling up on headphones for both music and atmosphere. Marcus asks early on.

” I started as a dancer prior to I even understood that you could act, therefore obviously my hearing is among my most important senses to me,” Johnson tells MTV News on a Zoom call with Brewer. “I don’t know if I’m the kind of actor that likes to think of me personally, but just the thought of losing something that is so powerful is quite terrible to consider.”


Recognizing the clock is ticking, Marcus sets out on a road journey across the United States with his sibling’s tape recorder and a plan.

” She is, for a short time, Marcus’s manic pixie dream woman,” Brewer admits.

Part of what draws Marcus to Wendy is her onstage aura, seen early in the movie as she carries out the yearning “Something to Think In,” one of two initial tunes penned by Wet’s Kelly Zutrau and sung by Maker. Prior to that, Wendy captivates him with her noise, something Brewer had to prepare for: “I’m not someone who gets onstage by myself with my guitar and simply lets it rip,” she says.

Daunting, too, is the question of what sounds each star would place on their own theoretical Ultimate Playlists of Sound. Prior to we get to Maker’s pickle and the ambient and environmental sounds they ‘d miss out on if they lost their hearing, a simpler ask: What’s the vital music they wouldn’t be able to live without?

She also evokes a songwriting icon that Wendy would likely agree with.

And then there’s the more abstract things.

” I have caller ID,” Maker states, “and every time my mama calls me and leaves me a voicemail, she states, ‘Hey Mad, it’s mom.’ [I’m like,] I’ve understood your voice given that I remained in the womb. I understand who you are. I have a couple of those and some happy-birthday ones from buddies and liked ones I would miss out on hearing.”


Johnson’s nostalgic sound choice is also related to his household, though it’s less about a specific message of love than an impressionistic representation of it. It’s at the top of this mountain, and when these substantial storms come through, the wind is so loud that it shakes the house and you hear this truly, actually loud, high-pitched wind noise.

As the set talk about the film, simply as Marcus journeys to create “a going-away party for my ears, with all my favorite sounds welcomed,” Maker’s advised of the remarkable moment we’re still living in due to COVID-19 safety concerns, away from the soothing, ambient sonic backgrounds of people living their lives that we utilized to take for approved. “I miss the sound of walking into a music location or a bar where live music is playing.

Prior to time’s up, there’s a pointer of that world.

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