WandaVision premiered on Disney on Jan. 15, and we’re currently hooked. Since we’re currently consumed with the series, we’re curious to understand: will there be a 2nd season?

While the nine-episode series is presently being billed as a miniseries, is looks like the door could be open for more episodes in the future. The Disney series is stated to tie into Medical Professional Strange and the Multiverse of Insanity, but when asked if the film will serve as WandaVision season two, Olsen played coy. “I think the answer is [WandaVision] could [get another season],” she told Collider.

Seeing as there’s currently talks for a second season of Disney ‘s upcoming Loki series, it’s completely possible they’ll do the very same with WandaVision As Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige pointed out, they try to “make all of [their] motion pictures, and now reveals, stand alone and interact,” implying there might be some extra wiggle space to continue the story without messing up the whole MCU timeline.


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