As I viewed the elite liberal media gush over the inauguration of President Joe Biden, I waited for someone to analyze the remarkable distinction between President Biden’s inaugural speech and his inaugural actions. Biden promised to reach out to everybody, work with everyone and be an American president, rather than a Democratic, partisan president.

President Biden also withdrew President Trump’s orders that made it much easier for law enforcement to deport individuals who were in the nation unlawfully– including people who had actually broken laws unrelated to their migration status.
U.S. President Joe Biden indications executive orders as Vice President Kamala Harris searches during an event at the State Dining Room of the White House January 21, 2021 in Washington, DC. President Biden delivered remarks on his administration’s COVID-19 action, and signed executive orders and other governmental actions.
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Again, where is the commonalities– and even the discussion?

In another example, President Biden stated the U.S.– with zero stated conditions– would rejoin the World Health Company, which continues to be beholden to communist China and continues to lie about the origins of COVID-19 on the Chinese Communist Party’s behalf. According to Pew Research Study in November 2020, 86 percent of Democrats rely on the WHO, while only 27 percent of Republicans do. No discussion, consideration or compromise from the Biden administration.

President Biden’s choice to rejoin the Paris arrangement on climate modification was, of course, inevitable. Along partisan lines, 57 percent of Republicans oppose the move, according to a November 2020 YouGov survey. Paradoxically, the Paris agreement has actually been more than fulfilled by the U.S. Since we’ve approached natural gas and away from coal, our carbon emissions are lower than prior to we joined the contract under President Obama. Now, this truth only matters if you care about reality more than significance.

President Biden likewise canceled the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the U.S. This was completely divisive. The pipeline was a vital piece of President Trump’s plan to keep the U.S. energy independent, however the Left didn’t like the idea, so it’s out.

President Biden likewise ended President Trump’s travel ban on seven nations which lacked suitable security. (Note: It was never ever a “Muslim ban” as the Left asserted. 7 countries do not represent the whole Muslim world.) Why in the middle of a pandemic, would you raise any travel bans from unstable countries?

As a final example, President Biden’s rescinding the 1776 Commission goes to the heart of the argument over our country’s identity. It is has practically become theology for the Delegated believe that America can not be exceptional, and that people like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson should not be considered serious factors to our history. The Left believes every American should credit The New York Times’ 1619 Job, which reframes all of American history around slavery and challenges essentially everyone who contributed to writing the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or winning the American Revolution.

Now, none of this should be interpreted as a long for President Biden to fail as our chief executive. Every American ought to want the American president to succeed. If he does not, America gets in trouble.

President Biden ought to make sure his actions match his words. Far, I see him talking about unity and calling for all of us to work together, but I’m curious about who he believes “us” really is.

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