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The Dallas Mavericks have actually struggled in the clutch for 2 successive seasons. In 2015, they had the third-best total net score in the Western Conference however ended up with the No. 7 seed thanks in big part to their 17-24 clutch record. They went into Wednesday with this season’s worst clutch net ranking at minus-194.

However luckily for them, they have among the NBA’s supreme late-game “leave prison totally free” cards. Luka Doncic can develop an excellent shot almost out of thin air, and he did simply that at the end of Wednesday’s 114-113 win over the Memphis Grizzlies. Down 2 with just seconds staying, he inexplicably handled to divide 2 Grizzlies protectors on a wonder runner 3-pointer for the triumph.

The shot was really rather crucial to Dallas in the grand plan of things. The Mavericks presently hold the No. 7 seed in the Western Conference, and the Grizzlies are ideal behind them at No. 8. A Grizzlies success would have connected the 2 groups in the loss column. Now, Dallas leads by 2 and is within striking range of the Portland Path Sports Jackets at No. 6.

Getting to No. 6 is vital this season due to the league’s brand-new play-in round. Doncic has actually openly shared his distaste for the format, however if he keeps making shots like this, his Mavericks will have the ability to prevent the round and stroll right into the playoffs as a top-six group.


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