In context: 5G is on the way and 4G has actually been the standard for several years, but there’s still a lot of people out there with older 3G mobile phone. While the slower network has actually been on the chopping block for several years, it’s survived by the skin of its teeth thanks to duplicated stay-of-executions from cell service providers.

Verizon’s 3G network was set to shut down by the end of2020 That deadline has passed and the network is still live: Verizon is giving 3G users one more (possibly last) possibility to change over to more recent technology.

The company goes on to state that it will work with customers to move them to more recent technology, whatever that might mean.

Remember the 3G iPhone?

To be clear, this does not imply Verizon will continue operating 3G for numerous more years. For all we know, the network might just survive for a few more months (that’s simply a guess, though).

Verizon executives still keep that they wish to close the network off “as soon as possible,” Light Reading reports– all today’s news suggests is that we don’t have an upgraded due date for when that day will come.

Maybe Verizon is hoping a little unpredictability may be simply the push any staying 3G holdouts require to snag a more recent gadget, however, obviously, it’s not that simple for everybody. There are still portions of the US that aren’t effectively covered by 4G, much less 5G, leaving consumers with no option but to continue counting on older tech.


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