Lebanon’s General Security Directorate launched U.S. freelance reporter Nada Homsi Wednesday after apprehending her for undefined “security factors” last month.

The security force jailed Homsi on drug ownership charges on November 16 after apparently discovering a percentage of marijuana in her Beirut house. Homsi’s legal representative, Diala Chehade, called the general public district attorney, who provided a warrant for her release on November 25.

However, Homsi continued to be held “for security factors.” General Security declined to define what that implied. The firm likewise released a deportation order for her.

The Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International launched a joint declaration Wednesday calling her detainment “approximate.”

” Not just did General Security officers rob Homsi’s home without producing a judicial warrant, however they likewise breached her rights in detention by rejecting her access to an attorney,” stated Aya Majzoub, Lebanon scientist at HRW.

Homsi was launched simply hours after the declaration went public. All of her files that had actually been taken were likewise returned.

” Nada is at house and the choice to deport her has actually been dropped,” Chehade informed the Associated Press.

Homsi has actually dealt with numerous global and Arab news outlets, consisting of NPR and the Middle East Eye.

” I feel great that I’m complimentary, however I should not have actually been apprehended in the very first location,” Homsi informed AP, including that Lebanese security firms are “pursuing foreign reporters so that they can’t cover things that are occurring in Lebanon.”

Lebanon, flag
Nada Homsi, a U.S. reporter apprehended in Lebanon, was launched Wednesday following a joint declaration from Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch calling her detainment “approximate.”
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General Security members are released at Lebanon’s border crossings, ports and the nation’s only global airport, and the department normally handles immigrants by providing visas and residency licenses.

Chehade stated Homsi resides in Beirut’s primarily Christian area of Achrafieh and had actually raised previously this year a Palestinian flag on her home in what outraged the location’s mayor who grumbled to the Lebanese army. Army intelligence members concerned her house then and asked Homsi to get rid of the flag, which she did, Chehade stated.

Homsi composed a post on her Facebook account detailing the flag event in May, her attorney stated.

” I think this was the intention that resulted in the raid,” Chehade stated.

On her Twitter account, Homsi composed that she is presently working for National Public Radio and typically discusses Syria and Lebanon.

The Associated Press added to this report.


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