Every reality show has a villain, and an unlikely figure emerged early on as 90 Day Fiancé’s most talked-about character. Brandon’s mom, Betty, has become one of the leading faces of Season 8 simply because fans can’t stand her controlling relationship with her son.

Brandon and Julia are a young couple testing their relationship in America. Julia just moved to Brandon’s family farm from Russia where she worked as a go-go dancer. Now, Julia is required to pitch in with the farm animals, something she definitely didn’t sign up for.

If the lifestyle shift wasn’t enough to stress Julia about her new routine in America, she’s moved in with Brandon’s parents. They have their own set of rules, including the engaged couple is not allowed to sleep in the same bedroom: ever (though, the family rules state they must bathe nude in the shared hot tub). Julia was given a second room in the house, which fans quickly commented seemed more like a storage room than a bedroom. The separate bedrooms haven’t stopped conversations about sex, either.

And generally people think Betty is over-involved in her son’s life, and Brandon doesn’t seem ready to break from the family mold, either. It’s left Julia in an odd position, adjusting to life in an American partnership without the stability of a close, unsupervised relationship.

People on social media platforms have singled Betty out for the odd, maternal behavior. Some are more aggressive than others. A Reddit post with strong language speaks to Betty’s decision to make a gynecology appointment for Julia without her consent—and to require her to take hormonal birth control.

Betty 90 Day
Bradon’s mom, Betty, has been controversial on Season 8 of “90 Day Fiancé.”

“I am sorry but how DARE she try to force Julia to take medication that can have serious side effects,” the Reddit user posted. “She should turn to her irresponsible man child and say ‘ wear a condom or get a vasectomy’ and stop acting as if he holds ZERO responsibility.”

That post has over 215 comments, the most popular one pointing to Brandon as a problem, too. “It’s even more annoying that Brandon just accepts it. Dude, you’re 27 years old. Stand up for yourself and your fiancé.”

Julia has stepped into a household with a very particular way of behaving. If she’ll last long in the family is still unknown. Social media commenters also made jokes about the situation. Each Sunday, when 90 Day premieres, Twitter is flooded with comments about Betty, Brandon and the whole dynamic.

I guess in Brandon’s mom’s mind, Julia working on the farm is paying for her separate room and board? #90DayFiance

— sun child ☀️ (@smoothminimal_) December 28, 2020

Some of the most recent dramas in Brandon’s family include his mother and father taking offense to the young couple’s decision to tie the knot during Mother’s Day weekend. The tensions are certain to rise even more as the season continues. Brandon and Julia have a wedding to plan, and Betty’s personal opinions are more than likely to get involved.

To keep up with the family, and all of the other 90 Day couples, you can tune in Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.


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