Required Authenticity: All Hail “The Crown”

It certainly decreases in the DMs.

Roughly 2 weeks after the Oct. 23 premiere of The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, I raised the following concern on Instagram Stories: Do I actually need to enjoy this chess show? At that time, my feed was loaded with pictures and memes of a red-haired Anya Taylor-Joy consuming over whether her character, Beth Harmon, need to use the Scandanavian Defense or shake her challenger’s hand and state, “I resign.”

I understand absolutely nothing about chess and, till recently, had absolutely no objective of ever appreciating the game. Why view a show about something so, how do you say, boring? However within seconds of ballot my pals, my DMs were flooded (by my meager following’s standards, that is) with conclusive “yeses” and the same, unanimous message: The Queen’s Gambit is an outright must-watch.

So I caved, quickly binging one episode after the next and surprising myself at simply how much I’ve learned to care about Taylor-Joy’s Beth and all the fantastic cast members she outshines.

So what is it about the series that’s so addicting?

However I can cut down my fixation to 3 primary categories. Plus, anyone like me who liked Taylor-Joy’s performances in The Witch and Split will be thrilled.

The second classification is Beth’s mom, Mrs. Alma Wheatley, played by The Journal of a Teenage Lady alum Marielle Heller


Lastly, and arguably most importantly, the series is full of eye candy in the kind of stars Harry Melling, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Marcin Dorociński and twins Matthew and Russell Dennis Lewis

Unlike Netflix series you can leave on in the background and go back to without missing out on a twist, The Queen’s Gambit is finest taken pleasure in with a massive bowl of popcorn and your eyes hooked exclusively on the screen. Ranked the number one Netflix show in 63 nations, from Argentina to South Africa, it provides an unusual reason to collectively come together to set aside our differences and rather concentrate on the trivialities of Beth’s next relocation.

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