Serious allegations. Matt James fulfilled five brand-new females throughout the Monday, January 25, episode of The Bachelor, which caused drama in between Anna and Brittany

Matt initially had a hard time with Sarah‘s abrupt departure, however he was able to go on the group date. After he questioned the remaining females’s intents, he linked with Chelsea, who opened up about her complex feelings about her hair as a Black lady.

Katie, on the other hand, felt it was her responsibility to stop the bullying in the home.

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At the mixed drink party, Anna stated she was all set to put the drama aside, but the arrival of 5 brand-new women– Brittany, Michelle, Ryan, Kim and Catalina— stirred everybody back up. Matt eventually sent house Khaylah, Kaili and Kim at the rose event.

Ben Higgins encouraged Matt to attempt to bring the ladies together while the former Bachelor hosted a barrier course group date. The idea of peace appeared great, however Brittany disrupting Anna’s time with Matt complex matters. Anna consequently exposed that she heard reports that Brittany was an “escort” who was “entertaining males for cash.” Given that both women are from Chicago, Anna stated she ‘d been cautioned about Brittany and her relationships with wealthy guys.

Anna asked Brittany about the accusation, which Brittany denied and called “outrageous.” Although Anna asked forgiveness, the rumor still spread out throughout your home and Anna continued to repeat it, while Katie prepared to stop the bullying. Bri, for her part, received the group date increased.

Bachelor 25x04 Recap
Michelle and Matt James on ‘The Bachelor’. ABC/Craig Sjodin

Amid the drama, Michelle landed an one-on-one scavenger hunt date with Matt. He acknowledged qualities in her that he desired in a wife, so he gave her a rose.

Matt then had another group date made up of women from the original cast. Matt cut the match short after Serena P. suffered a hit to the nose. Katie again tried to encourage them to be nicer, however when she felt she was not making progress, she shared her issues with Matt.

Katie informed Matt he required to confront the women about bullying and put an end to rumors that might destroy lives. He insisted that he would not stand for the habits and pledged to speak to the whole group about the circumstance.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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