After putting her heart out to Matt and seeing significant tension at the rose event, Sarah got so overloaded that she almost passed out on the Jan. 11 episode of ‘The Bachelor.’

Matt pushed to discover more about Sarah’s relationship with her household, and noticed that she got a bit closed off when she was talking about her daddy.

Nevertheless, Sarah was reluctant. “I desire to open up and be vulnerable with Matt since that’s what Matt is looking for, but you don’t desire to bring up essential household topics or maybe uncomfortable things right off the bat.

mat james sarah trott
Matt James and Sarah Trott present for an image during their one-on-one date. (ABC)

After some doubt, Sarah opened up to Matt about discovering out that her daddy had actually been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). “Psychologically, you’re the very same person, however you slowly lose the ability to speak and to walk and to talk and do any sort of typical function,” Sarah explained.

Sarah told Matt about how she quit her task to move house to San Diego and function as her dad’s caretaker. “If I can assist him in any capability now– getting in and out of bed, brushing his teeth, feeding him, brushing his hair– I’m simply reciprocating all those things he provided for me [as a kid],” Sarah exposed. “It’s brought our household so close.”

sarah trott matt james
Sarah Trott shares some one-on-one time with Matt James at a mixer. (ABC)

Matt was visibly touched by hearing Sarah’s story. Understanding the sacrifice that you have actually made to be here and being strong for your papa and your family are the qualities I’m looking for in a lady,” Matt gushed.

Of course, Sarah was touched by Matt’s gesture of desiring to be there for her in such a big way. At the end of the date, Matt offered Sarah a rose, and she gladly accepted.

Throughout a conversation with Matt, Victoria accused Marylynn of bullying her, which Marylynn rejected.

Sarah was one of the ladies who took problem with how things were going down. “Perhaps he’s seeing a different side to her, however the longer she’s here, the more I question my relationship with Matt.

In the middle of the rose event, Sarah took an action backwards and nearly fell over. The woman standing beside her assisted her stay on her feet and led her to a back space, far from the bright lights and cams. “I’m, like, seeing stars,” Sarah said. “I’m blacking out. I can’t see.” The medics were called in, and the episode ended as a ‘TO BE CONTINUED,’ so we won’t discover Sarah’s fate till next week.


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