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The look for the ever-elusive “bop” is challenging. Playlists and streaming-service recommendations can only do so much. They typically leave a sticking around question: Are these songs actually excellent, or are they simply brand-new?

This week, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’ve added another lens: love songs.

Prepare yourself: The Bop Shop is now open for business.

  • Brittany Howard: “Stay High”

    Brittany Howard certainly isn’t the first singer-songwriter to compare new love to a good high, however she is one of the couple of to soundtrack that singular sensation so holistically.– Sam Manzella

  • Pink Sweat$: “Heaven”

    It’s fairly simple to pen a tune stimulating the celestial heights that love can make you feel.– Patrick Hosken

  • Nasty C feet: Ari Lennox: “Black and White”

    Interaction is crucial, the time-worn saying goes, however originating from the South African artist Nasty C, it sounds smoother than ever. On “Monochrome,” the rap artist makes the case for freely and directly requesting for what you require in a relationship: “Program me what you into/ It could be so simple/ Black and white,” the refrain goes. Joined by Ari Lennox, whose elastic vocals lend depth to the winding production, the video renders a long-distance tête-à-tête, with lyrics like illegal whisperings in between lovers when the world has turned away.– Coco Romack


  • Q: “Take Me Where Your Heart Is”

    The magic of “Tell Me Where Your Heart Is” lies in the gently simmering ballad’s opening line. You almost forget this lyric in the wake of what follows: a swooning set of pretty one-liners about the appeal of love, and these sweetly submissive platitudes are certainly winning.– Terron Moore

  • Syd: “Losing Out”

    You can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without a few creative anti-love tunes, so here’s a delicious new one from Syd. “And possibly in another life, you ‘d be mine,” Syd sings over a skeletal carnival background.– Patrick Hosken

  • Mega: “Future Me”

    Valentine’s Day can be difficult for all the single people out there, however Mega’s “Future Me” is all about self-love in spite of our contemporary worries. V-Day is not simply about love stories; it’s also a day connected to the worldwide activist movement to end violence versus females and women.– Margaret Sclafani

  • Chloe x Halle: “Tipsy”

    R&B sibling duo Chloe x Halle can make romance sound divine with honeyed consistencies on cuts like “Ungodly Hour” and “Do Not Make it Harder on Me,” however they can also make it sound lethal. “Tipsy,” a delightfully explicit standout track from Ungodly Hour, leans into the more envigorating nuances of love: infatuation, jealousy, and vengeance. “I may be a little sloshed on your love/ Makes me a little insane, so what,” the two sing in its dark but dreamy chorus, brushing off threats they have actually made towards kids who dare break their hearts. While the breakdown in the bridge offers a minute of brevity– “We simply havin’ fun,” they coo– it really should not be that hard? As the 2 state: “If you enjoy your little life, then do not fuck up.”– Carson Mlnarik

  • Brockhampton: “Something About Him”

    This B-side from the web’s favorite boy band’s 2018 album Iridescence may clock in at under two minutes, but what it does not have in length, it makes up for in earnestness.– Carson Mlnarik

  • Janet Kay: “Silly Games”

    One of the essential minutes in Steve McQueen’s outstanding Lovers Rock comes simply as “Ridiculous Games” finishes its run on the turntable.– Patrick Hosken

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