Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki Talk “Supernatural” Success

Well that was a psychological roller rollercoaster.

Supernatural simply ended after 15 seasons with an episode that really had us on our toes from beginning to middle, when midway through, the episode threw us completely off of our toes and into a sad ball of feeling. Free from Chuck, Sam ( Jared Padalecki) and Dean ( Jensen Ackles) went on one last hunt to track down some evil mimes who were stealing kids.

Sadly, Dean got fatally stabbed throughout the hunt, and provided one hell of an emotional speech to his brother as he died. In the beginning we resembled there is no chance that was Dean passing away midway through the finale, however he really genuinely did die.

To the tune of “Bring On My Wayward Child” (and also our sobs however perhaps just we might hear those), Dean took a drive and Sam lived a long, long life.

Dean was then revealed on a bridge, and Sam (young when again) appeared behind him. They gazed off into the range together, for all eternity.

Somehow that finale was both exactly what we anticipated and not at all what we anticipated and we don’t know how to explain that.

Supernatural aired on The CW.

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