Stephanie Grisham, Donald Trump’s previous White House press secretary, stated on Saturday that previous Trump consultant Steve Bannon considers it a “badge of honor” to be arraigned for contempt of Congress in the Capitol riot examination.

During a look with CNN’s Jim Acosta, Grisham discussed the senior White House staffers who were subpoenaed by the choose House committee for the January 6 riot examination, consisting of Bannon, who was arraigned on Friday.

” Bannon definitely I believe is going to use this as a badge of honor and martyr himself nearly,” she stated. “That was the mindset in the White House when I existed. Anything we simulated that was a badge of honor.”

Ahead of being prosecuted for declining to abide by a congressional subpoena, Bannon discussed the 2020 governmental election and forecasted a “constitutional crisis.”

” We’re gon na get to the bottom of 3 November [the last presidential election] and we’re going to decertify the [2020] electors, OK? And you’re going to have a constitutional crisis. You understand what? We’re a huge and difficult nation, and we can deal with that. We’ll have the ability to manage that. We’ll make it through that,” he stated.

Grisham on Saturday remembered that Bannon was “great” at informing Trump what he wished to hear.

Former press sec Grisham informed us Bannon and others see federal charges as “badge of honor …” which Jan 6 committee ought to take a look at Trump conferences kept in WH home: “Lots of conferences happen in the home where, you understand, I’m hoping that they’re taking a look at call logs.”

— Jim Acosta (@Acosta) November 13, 2021

Grisham included,” I remember in the White House when we would get Hatch Act infractions, that was a badge of honor. It was a joke in the White House. The president utilized to state to us, ‘You understand who’s in charge of the Hatch Act? It’s me, go on, state whatever you wish to state.'”

She likewise recommended that previous White House chief of personnel Mark Meadows is likewise pleased with defying a subpoena. He didn’t appear prior to the committee on Friday.

” That core group [former Trump officials], they’re going to use it as a badge of honor,” she stated. “Meadows specifically, it’s really clear that he wishes to remain on Trump’s silver lining.”

Grisham stated Trump will try to take advantage of what’s taking place to Bannon, Meadows and the other previous authorities who were subpoenaed.

” The [former] president is going to state we’re going to fund-raise off of this, do not fret, patriots are going to step up. This is going to make everyone delighted for 2022 [election] and after that the choose committee will disappear,” she anticipated.

” The previous president was great at relaxing you down and informing you whatever’s gon na be alright, you simply got ta battle, battle, battle,” Grisham stated.

Grisham, who resigned from her position on the day of the Capitol riot on January 6, formerly discussed Trump’s prospective strategies that she stated would benefit him if he’s re-elected as president.

In October, she stated throughout an interview with Meet The Press that Trump would concentrate on “vengeance, retribution and how he can benefit himself.”

Bannon ‘Absolutely’ proud of indictment: Stephanie Grisham
Former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham (above) stated Saturday that ex-Trump consultant Steve Bannon takes federal charges as a “badge of honor.” On Friday Bannon was arraigned for contempt of Congress over defying subpoena demands from your house 1/6 committee.
Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

” I believe it will be an extremely frightening time. He’s on a vengeance trip today with individuals who voted to impeach him,” Grisham included. “I think if he is chosen once again, it will be a truly frightening time.”

The previous press secretary was slammed for not resigning faster from the Trump administration, however argued that she attempted to leave many times throughout the last 6 months leading up to January 6; nevertheless, previous very first woman Melania Trump would convince her not to give up.

Grisham stated that she was sorry for being “part of something abnormally wicked” that long.

On Saturday, Grisham composed on Twitter: “Choose not to forgive me, however a minimum of listen to my insights so we can never ever duplicate this error once again.”


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