Disagreements over how to deal with COVID with the vacations approaching continued to take a toll on Christine and Kody Brown on the Dec. 26 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’

Kody Brown and his better halves gotten ready for the 2020 holiday throughout the Dec. 26 episode of Sister Wives. The conversation about how to handle the coronavirus continued to trigger stress in between Kody and Christine Brown, who had various viewpoints about how rigorous the households must remain in order to see each other. “The entire COVID thing has actually truly trashed a great deal of experiences for Christine and I,” Kody confessed. “I’m hoping COVID will disappear so we can return into a regular relationship with each other.”

After Christine returned from New Jersey, where her child, Ysabel Brown, was having back surgical treatment, she and Kody got together to go over the guidelines he desired her to follow throughout COVID. Kody was irritated that Christine didn’t wish to follow the guidelines that he and Robyn Brown were complying with. Christine’s choice not to follow the guidelines led to Kody not hanging around at her house, and her kids not having the ability to see their brother or sisters from the other partners. “My most significant issue is how we move forward,” Kody stated. “We can’t keep living like this. It’s truly essential that you people return to a social distancing, quasi-quarantine system or circumstance so that I can begin returning and being here.”

christine brown
Christine Brown on the Dec. 26 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

Christine made it clear that she believed Kody’s guidelines were too rigorous. She argued that even when he was concerning her house, it was just a number of times a week anyhow. When she and her kids would go see other household members and buddies, they would invest much more time with them. “We go locations and they’re so thrilled to see us,” Chrsitine discussed. “And they socialize with all of us the time. Whereas we simply see you a couple times a week.” Kody firmly insisted that he was around a lot more than that, which resulted in the 2 arguing over the “semantics.”

By the end of the discussion, both Kody and Christine were irritated. “They choose to do things with other individuals than make it possible for me to be at house with them,” Kody ranted. “How does that play out long term in a relationship? I go individuals in my household that aren’t like that with me. I do not have anymore to state about it.” Christine pointed out that Kody and Robyn have a baby-sitter coming back and forth to the home. “What are the baby-sitter and her spouse doing that make it so they can come by?” Christine questioned. “Because when I’m house, I do precisely what I should be doing, however my ladies can’t see their brother or sisters?”

Chrsitine prompted Kody to raise a few of his COVID constraints. “It’s been 6 months and we’re refraining from doing well,” she informed him. “I require an assurance that we’re truly going to do Thanksgiving [together] or I’m leaving. I’m leaving.” Kody could not manage the backward and forward any longer, and he left. “It would be terrific if everybody preserved our COVID procedures so we might all be together,” he stated. “That would be incredible. There’s no sign that everybody’s prepared to do that. What we have is a basic breakdown of rely on the household.”

Eventually, Kody and all 4 spouses got together to go over things even more. Robyn and Meri Brown both consented to follow a stringent list of guidelines that Kody set out, however Christine and Janelle Brown were a lot more reluctant. Janelle exposed that she would not be signing up with the household for Thanksgiving, however assured that she and the kids would follow the guidelines leading up to Christmas so they might all be together. Christine was likewise leaning towards having Thanksgiving independently from Kody and the partners, however did not leave the discussion with a last response regarding what her strategy was. “I do not believe these guidelines are sensible for the real life,” she confessed.

kody christine brown
Kody and Christine Brown together. (Puddle Monkey Prods/Kobal/Shutterstock)

Christine and Janelle stood their ground with letting Kody understand they didn’t concur with the guidelines, and he got extremely disappointed. “When these grievances are concerning me, I seem like it’s a weakening of what I’m attempting to do,” he clapped back. His response pissed Christine off. “We’re in a marital relationship,” she stated in a confessional. “If we can’t raise things that are annoying without seeming like we’re weakening [him] … does not that seem like a dictatorship, not a marital relationship? I have a great deal of unladylike words going on in my mind so I’m attempting to filter it out a bit.”

By the end of the discussion, things in between Kody and Christine had actually not enhanced. “It’s an unfortunate truth for me about where I’m at in a few of my marital relationships,” he stated, “The absence of commitment isn’t great for a marital relationship, 5, 10, 15 years from now. That’s going to be really hard for us.” Christine included, ‘It’s difficult to be home today. Kody and I remain in a difficult area. I do not wish to be around that really frequently. It’s much easier to leave.”

As the season advances, we’ll see how the household browses the holiday. Fans do understand that Christine and Kody didn’t last long after this, as they revealed their split in the fall of 2021.


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