A group of vocal anti-mask protesters were sprayed with a cleaning agent by an unamused shopper when they turned up to an L.A. mall on Sunday.

About a dozen demonstrators arrived at Westfield Century City mall, with some refusing to leave and citing medical exemptions for not wearing masks.

Video of the incident, uploaded to Twitter by Beverly Hills Courier reporter Samuel Braslow, shows one shopper appearing to spray a cleaning agent at some of the anti-maskers.

A man carrying a Target shopping bag can be seen brandishing the spray cleaner with his arm outstretched as the protest group mills around him.

Today, anti-mask protesters went to the Beverly Connection Target and returned to the Westfield Century City mall. LAPD showed up to the mall in force, escorting some out of the mall. I witnessed no arrests or violence. pic.twitter.com/m4l16pP55r

— Samuel Braslow (@SamBraslow) January 11, 2021

Anti-mask protesters
Anti-mask protesters turned up to the Westfield Century City mall on 10250 Santa Monica Blvd in L.A. on Sunday.
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“You’re going to be arrested with that,” one woman can be heard saying. “I’m going to arrest you for that, that’s poison.”

“You’re spraying poison on us,” another woman adds.

Many of the protesters used the opportunity to lecture shoppers on baseless conspiracy theories and even compared COVID-19 restrictions to Nazi Germany.

“First of all it’s not a pandemic. It’s a planned-demic. It’s a scam-demic,” one unmasked woman tells a patient shopper. “Because the numbers… they’re having to combine the numbers with influenza. The CCP is behind this. They’re using it as a political weapon to destroy this country from the inside out, destroy our economy.”

The woman continues to claim that masks “do nothing” except to spread fear, division, “grooming” for a vaccine, and “grooming” for Sharia Law.

“If you can breathe cigarette smoke and a fart from that mask—and that’s bigger particles, much bigger than a virus—then guess what? That mask does nothing,” she explains in the clip.

Another anti-masker argues that wearing a mask is a matter of personal choice.

“It’s my body, my choice,” she tells a shopper. “If you’re older or you’re predisposed, you can wear a hazmat suit.”

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department arrived on the scene, escorting the group from the mall to the applause of other onlookers.

The anti-maskers gathered at the entrance for a while. As with the protest at Bloomingdales a week ago, they broke out into song and dance. pic.twitter.com/tr12F0m8Cv

— Samuel Braslow (@SamBraslow) January 11, 2021

At least three officers addressED the dissenters outside the mall where the group speaks “for about 20 minutes” about their private property rights and masks mandates, according to Braslow.

Unsatisfied with the officer’s explanation, one woman addresses the camera, saying: “This is what happened in Nazi Germany. They took away your rights saying it’s for your safety.”

“This is like Gestapo stuff,” another man adds.

It’s the second time the group has staged a demonstration against coronavirus safety protocols at the mall in as many weeks.

The protesters live streamed their antics as well as being followed by local reporters as they made their way through the shopping center on January 3.

Among some of the videos posted on social media from the protest include a number of physical and verbal altercations and one of the organizers appearing to be detained by police.

One of those taking part in the protest, Shiva Bagheri, described those taking part as “freedom lovers” in a clip streamed on Facebook Live.

“All about control, this has nothing to do with a deadly virus… because a mask does not protect you from a deadly virus,” Bagheri said, disputing guidelines from health experts and scientists which have been imposed across the world amid the pandemic.

The protester also falsely claimed you cannot spread the virus if you are asymptomatic.

Elsewhere, one protester, who is seen wearing a mask but not over his nose and face, claims he does not need to cover his face as he tested negative for COVID-19. He then calls one shopper confronting him a “mask Nazi.”

Under California law, people must wear a mask when outside of their home in order to protect against the virus which has killed more than 30,000 people in the state, which includes 585 coronavirus deaths recorded in a single day on January 1.

California is outpacing every other state in terms of COVID cases.

An anti-masker claimed that masks don’t work if you can smell a fart or cigarette smoke. She said that the purpose of masks is to spread fear, division, “grooming” for a vaccine, and “grooming” for Sharia Law. pic.twitter.com/qe2KGqeSYL

— Samuel Braslow (@SamBraslow) January 11, 2021


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