Donald Trump has actually left office but browsing the word “Trump” on Twitter still returns tweets mentioning the main @POTUS account, even when the previous president’s name is not discussed.

Users of the social media have begun to notice and lots of are asking why a search for Trump reveals tweets connecting to President Joe Biden’s account.

The @POTUS account used by the previous administration was archived at the end of Trump’s term. A brand-new @POTUS account is now active and being run by the Biden group.

A fast review of “Trump” search results programs that many of the tweets do not feature the word at all, but rather utilize @POTUS and are referring to the new president.

It was not immediately clear why this was occurring however some users were not satisfied, tagging Twitter Support in posts and calling on the business to act.

” When I search the word trump I’m getting numerous results without the word trump in them, however which have the handle @potus in them. (eg: posts by people stating they are ‘following @potus again’) Appears like some wires have actually gotten crossed,” tweeted user @MarytheRobot.

This remark was typical of lots of users’ responses. A look for “Trump” showed numerous posts from January 20 or 21 where users stated they had started to follow the @POTUS account.

In this screenshot from January 21, a Twitter look for “trump” returns an outcome for the @POTUS account.

The former president’s personal Twitter account was permanently suspended following the riot at the Capitol on January 6 that left five people dead. Trump tried to circumvent the restriction by tweeting from the official @WhiteHouse account but Twitter erased his offending tweets.

It ended up being clear on Thursday that the search problem was extensive on Twitter.

Another Example of a
This tweet from activist and MSNBC factor Brittany Packnett Cunningham does not mention Trump, but appears in a search for his name.

The concern appears to exceed the single word “Trump.” Searches for Ivanka Trump, Melania Trump, Eric Trump and Barron Trump all returned outcomes featuring the @POTUS tag that were not associated with any of those individuals.

A Twitter Search for Ivanka Trump
In this screenshot, a look for “ivanka trump” returns a tweet about @POTUS Joe Biden from political analyst Ana Navarro-Cárdenas.

This did not appear to work for Donald Trump Jr., however. User Bruce Potter pointed this out on Wednesday, publishing: “I’m not exactly sure what Twitter’s algo[rithm] is doing, but when you search for some members of the Trump household, it returns search results for @POTUS rather. Do not work for all (Don Jr, for instance).”

The Biden shift group and Twitter had clashed over control of the @POTUS and @WhiteHouse accounts in the run-up to the inauguration. The Biden team wished to keep the accounts’ fans rather than start from scratch.

Twitter has been asked for talk about this short article.

The Trumps at Joint Base Andrews
Donald and Melania Trump pause while talking to supporters at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland before boarding Air Force One on January20 Twitter look for “Trump” are still returning results for the @POTUS account.
Pete Marovich – Pool/Getty Images


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