Fox News host and conservative talk radio star Sean Hannity has actually slammed Democrats for comparing Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz to an infamous Nazi propagandist.

The Quote

On the Tuesday edition of Premiere Radio’s The Sean Hannity Program, Hannity stated:

” How do you do ‘America United’ as an inauguration style when you simply recently compared Ted Cruz to Joseph Goebbels?

 Sean Hannity Ted Cruz Nazi Democrats
Fox News host Sean Hannity has criticized Democrats for making a referral to Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels’s “big lie” when implicating Republican politician Texas Senator Ted Cruz of duplicating President Donald Trump’s unwarranted assertion that prevalent voter scams triggered him to lose the November 2020 presidential election.
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Why it Matters

Hannity’s comment comes simply 8 days before Biden’s inauguration, at a time when Democrats have looked for to impeach President Donald Trump and censure Republican congressional members who supported Trump’s unwarranted claim that extensive voter fraud caused Biden to win the 2020 presidential election.

The theme of Biden’s inauguration will be “America United.”

On January 8, when asked by press reporters whether Cruz and Republican Politician Missouri Senator Josh Hawley must resign for challenging the January 6 congressional approval of the Electoral College’s vote count in Biden’s favor, Biden said that both guys should “just be flat beat the next time they run.”

Biden stated both senators duplicated Trump’s oft-repeated claim that the election was “taken” from him, a claim that motivated Trump’s fans to riot inside the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday as Congress was voting to accredit Biden’s triumph.

” However the acolytes that follow [Trump], like Cruz and others, they are as accountable as he is,” Biden said, referring to the riot. “I believe the American public has a genuine great, clear appearance who they are … They become part of the huge lie. Goebbels and the fantastic lie. You keep repeating the lie, repeating the lie.”

Goebbels was the Nazi Minister of Propaganda under German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. His “huge lie” is a recommendation to the following quote which is often credited to him: “If you tell a lie huge enough and keep repeating it, individuals will eventually pertain to think it.” The “big lie” is now thought about a technique of political propaganda.

The huge lie, according to Biden, is that the election was taken due to widespread voter fraud. The Trump project and other Republicans have filed claims of voter fraud in nearly 60 lawsuit seeking to reverse the election, practically all of which have actually all been withdrawn or dismissed for lack of evidence, USA Today reports.

Nonetheless, a November 18 poll found that 75 percent of Republicans believe that voter fraud benefitted Biden, and on January 6, Trump’s fans raided the Capitol to attempt and stop Congress from licensing Biden’s election success. This is the political environment in which Biden’s inauguration and its “America United” style will unfold.

In a January 8 tweet, Cruz said, “At a time of deep nationwide division, President-elect Biden’s option to call his political opponents literal Nazis does nothing to bring us together or promote healing.

In a January 8 declaration, Hawley stated, “This is undignified immature and intemperate habits from the president-elect.

Newsweek got in touch with the Biden campaign for comment.


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