Steve Lynch, the Pennsylvania Republican politician Celebration’s candidate for Northampton County executive, apparently promised Sunday to utilize physical methods to withstand regional school mask requireds.

” Forget entering into these school boards with freaking information. You enter to these school boards to eliminate them,” Lynch stated throughout a “Flexibility Rally” versus requireds in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as recorded by video on

” I’m sharing 20 strong males and I’m gon na provide an alternative– they can leave or they can be eliminated,” he continued.

Lynch introduced his project on a platform of fighting back versus what he’s considered federal government overreach. He has actually explained himself as a fan of flexibility, regional organizations and homeowner.

He went to previous President Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6 that preceded the riot on the U.S. Capitol, though he stated he did not take part in any violence on that day. The Early Morning Call reported that Lynch has actually shared unmasked claims on social media that the Capitol riot was triggered by liberal radicals and that he has actually pressed the likewise exposed conspiracy theory that President Joe Biden did not relatively win the 2020 election.

Lynch protests school boards carrying out requireds on kids and school personnel using face masks to suppress the spread of COVID-19 Since recently, Northampton County had the fifth-highest typical everyday variety of brand-new COVID cases in Pennsylvania. The county’s school board voted recently to make masks compulsory for trainees, personnel and visitors.

Steve Lynch
Steve Lynch, the Republican politician candidate for Northampton, Pennsylvania, County Executive, has actually promised to stop school mask requireds. The above image was drawn from the Facebook page for Lynch’s project.

On August 26, Lynch reacted to news of the board vote on Facebook, composing, “Northampton School board I’m coming for you therefore are lots of other moms and dads. You are going to be gotten rid of and I’m not going to stop battling till you’re eliminated.”

He likewise described school board members as “wannabe autocrats.”

Throughout Sunday’s rally, he continued with the exact same message. He stated to the crowd, ” School boards: you are done. You’re done.”

” Guys, where are you? Guy. Awaken, smell the coffee. Let’s go. Make males terrific once again. Make guys, guys once again. Guy, males. Let’s go, males, I require you,” he included. “I require you in the coming weeks since when we stroll into those school boards, we’re gon na have whatever we require to do to enter there with those 9-0 school boards that voted to put these masks back on the kids without any clinical– it’s done.” shared video footage of the rally on Twitter and its YouTube channel.

Lynch likewise states in the video that the coronavirus was “ weaponized” in order “to eliminate” previous President Trump. “Let’s not forget that, all right, it does not matter what your political beliefs are, that happened to damage what this nation was doing,” he stated. “We were growing, the economy was prospering. They damaged, these individuals, all of them, anyone that’s not defending this, at a minimum, belongs in prison at an optimum, and an optimum ought to be pursued treason and all of us understand what treason is.”


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