Well, that went downhill fast. Sarah removed herself during the Monday, January 18, episode of The Bachelor in the middle of doubts about her relationship with Matt James and more problems.

After Sarah passed out during the rose ceremony, Matt took her outside for some fresh air and resumed the proceedings once she was all set and had apologized to everyone. He then sent out home Marylynn, Alana, Kristin, Sydney and Illeana

Bachelor 25x03 Recap
Matt James and Sarah on ‘The Bachelor’. ABC/Craig Sjodin

Matt moved past the drama from the rose event with a group date, during which Ashley Iaconetti motivated the ladies to compose their own romance about Matt. Some of the passages, which they check out aloud for all the females in your house, were raunchy. The intimate nature of the activity left Sarah feeling hurt and envious over Matt’s other relationships. She was activated because of past infidelity, too.

Sarah crashed the group date afterparty to share her thoughts with Matt. Some of the women didn’t get any time with Matt, however he ultimately offered the rose to Rachael

Bachelor 25x03 Recap
Rachael and Matt James on ‘The Bachelor’. ABC/Craig Sjodin

When Matt went to select up Serena P. the next day for their individually date, Sarah was sequestered in her space.

Matt and Serena P. then went horseback riding and had a picnic. She revealed that her dad was unsupportive of her being on the show but she was “falling in like” with Matt.

Sarah lastly signed up with the other ladies in your home to hear the date card, but her fellow participants took it as an opportunity to lash out at her. She wished to apologize, however they threatened to make her living scenario dreadful progressing.

Sarah told Katie that she was leaving since of her papa’s ALS, her stress with the females and her own wellness. Sarah then broke the news to Matt, who attempted to get her to stay. Matt informed her that he would not stop believing about her, while she wondered if she was making a mistake as she exited.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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