An exceptional video revealing the after-effects of snow and dust storms in Saudi Arabia has actually set stomachs growling over social media, with numerous viewers likening the scene to a giant tiramisu.

The video was initially published to TikTok by user @x509 o at the weekend, and it has generated numerous thousands of views online, after going viral on the platform and being gotten by a selection of accounts on social networks.

The amazing video was recorded at the summit of an enormous red-brown mound, which upon closer evaluation ends up being a towering snowdrift coated totally in a smooth cleaning of sand.

In the video, the person behind the camera scoops up handfuls of the soft deposit, exposing brilliant white snow below a cocoa-like blanket of dust, prior to crumbling it easily between his fingers.

Other spectators can be seen in the background of the shot, as vehicles stand fixed at the bottom of the drift.

The reaction to the video has been controlled by food jokes, “Dessert in the desert” being one such motto, though others have actually compared the scene to something that you ‘d anticipate to see on the surface area of Mars.

And it isn’t the only footage of the phenomenon that has actually made its method to social media over the previous week, with another video revealing an individual playing with the sand-covered snow in Tabuk, a mountainous location in the northwestern area of the Gulf country.

Although much of Saudi Arabia is hot and dry, snowfall is a relatively common occurrence in and around Tabuk, which also saw snow in January.

Saudi Arabia’s Civil Defense provided weather warnings for snow showers throughout much of the nation last week, and has actually cautioned that more might fall in Tabuk this week.

Recently, social networks was awash with video footage of camels being buffeted in blizzard-like conditions, which gave rise to a false claim that Saudi Arabia had not experienced snow in half a century.

The winter in Tabuk extends from December to February, and is reported to be popular with travelers since of its snowfall.

” Weather stations report large amounts of snow most likely to be inmost around December, especially near to late December,” according to the site Champ Traveler.

Tayma Desert in Saudi Arabia
An elephant-shaped rock situated in the Tayma desert in north-west Saudi Arabia on December 3, 2017 in Al Naslaa, Tabuk Province. Snow is a relatively regular occurrence in the mountainous northwestern area of Saudi Arabia.
Reza/Getty Images


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