For a long time, if you wanted the best consumer SSD on the market, Samsung was the basic and short answer.

In the year that followed, Sabrent drives acquired popularity and kept receiving favorable rankings across the board.

We’ll be comparing Samsung’s 970 Pro and the 980 Pro as well as Sabrent’s Rocket 4 and the Rocket 4 Plus in a series of tests.

We began with a comprehensive synthetic test from Anvil that determines speed, response time, and IOPS across a number of setups. The results are integrated to produce a last efficiency number.

Samsung 970 Pro Sabrent Rocket 4 Samsung 980 Pro Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus
Anvil Rating 18315 22847 23259 26082

From this, we can anticipate the Rocket 4 to provide performance on-par with the 980 Pro. The 970 Pro has to do with 20%slower, and the Rocket 4 Plus is ~10-15


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