In short: Roblox is among the most popular online gaming platforms out there. It lets users create and play their own custom minigames utilizing Roblox’s instinctive, Lego-like structure mechanics, simple Lua scripting language, and a plethora of user-made material. Now, after over 15 years of operation and 2 delays, the platform is lastly ready to take itself public via a direct listing.

This is huge news for Roblox, as well as its more avid fans. Interested parties can check out the business’s full SEC filing here. The prospectus lays out the information of Roblox’s business model and financials (it earned $924 million in income throughout 2020), along with some of the risks and challenges it will deal with as a public business.

For example, considering that Roblox has a history of bottom lines, the business acknowledges that it may struggle to “accomplish or keep” profitability in the future.

Furthermore, Roblox, like most other software development business, has actually been negatively affected by the continuous Covid-19 outbreak, and the disturbances it has triggered most likely will not ease off anytime soon.

However, if you truly believe in Roblox as a platform or as a company, you may quickly have the ability to get your piece of the pie. Come March 10 (or around that date), Roblox intends to list 198,917,280 shares on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “RBLX.”

Roblox was supposedly valued at about $295 billion last month, though its real public worth will depend on the market to decide, and may be greater or lower than that figure.


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