Robinhood’s primary executive, Vladimir Tenev, has actually defended the decision by the app to obstruct trades in more than a dozen stocks, stating the move was taken to secure consumers and no deals were done with market makers or hedge fund managers.

The financial investment service on Wednesday restricted trades in GameStop, AMC and numerous more stocks, blaming “current volatility,” prompting extensive criticism and a class action claim.

He firmly insisted the business was not experiencing any liquidity problems, adding: “The factor we did it is because Robinhood, as a brokerage firm, we have great deals of financial requirements.

” A few of these requirements fluctuate quite a bit depending upon the volatility in the market.

” In order to secure the firm and protect our customers, we had to limit buying in these stocks.”

Tenev stated there was “false information” circulating about Robinhood and its choice making which stopping trades in business including American Airlines, BlackBerry, Koss and Nokia, together with video software merchant GameStop and theater chain AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc was a “very hard decision.”

” Consumers could still sell those securities if they had positions in them,” he stated. “And they might likewise sell the thousands of other securities on our platform. That’s what we had to do as part of normal operations.

” We have lots of monetary requirements including SEC net capital requirements and clearing home deposits. So that is money that we need to deposit at various clearing houses.

” Some of these requirements fluctuate a fair bit based on volatility in the markets, and they can be substantial in the current environment where there is a great deal of volatility and a lot of focused activity in these names that have actually been going viral on social networks.

” We’re truly in unprecedented times and in order to secure the company and protect our customers we needed to limit buying in these stocks.”

Tenev included: “There is no liquidity issue and to be clear this was done preemptively.”

retail store GameStop
This image illustration shows the logo designs of computer game retail store GameStop and trading application Robinhood in a computer and on a mobile phone in Arlington, Virginia on January 28,2021 An epic fight is unfolding on Wall Street, with a cast of characters clashing over the fate of GameStop, a struggling chain of video game retail stores. The conflict has sent GameStop on a stomach-churning trip with amateur investors handling the financial facility in the state of mind of the Occupy Wall Street movement introduced a decade ago.

Nevertheless, the relocation resulted in accusations that Robinhood was looking for to calm Wall Street hedge funds at the expenditure of smaller financiers utilizing its services.

Critics compared the action to “market adjustment” with various individuals declaring to be users swearing to change away from the app.

In an earlier declaration discussing the action to block trading on different stocks, Robinhood stated: “We constantly monitor the markets and make changes where necessary.

” Because of recent volatility, we are limiting transactions for particular securities to position closing just, consisting of $AMC, $BB, $BBBY, $EXPR, $GME, $KOSS, $NAKD and $NOK. We also raised margin requirements for particular securities.”


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